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China September 27- During this time we went to watch the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, and today we will take you to see the atmosphere and facilities. Within the media village or media village

The Asian Games Media Village includes 18 buildings divided into areas capable of accommodating up to 5,000 media personnel. It is open from September 13 to October 9, and the village has complete facilities. Including a restaurant, shops, post office and souvenir shop. Like the store you see here. We will provide relaxing massage services for the entire body, from the eyes, neck, back, to specific areas, including massage chairs. This will help media outlets who have to carry cameras and equipment. Relaxed and ready to get to work the next day.

At the adjacent café, members of the media can come in and receive free milk, yoghurt and ice cream, which they can use after eating. There will also be fun activities to join. By throwing the milk or yoghurt cartons and ice cream wrappers we eat into the recycling bin. In order to take the tokens received to play the game of catch the ball for prizes. As for the waste we throw away, they will use it to make tables, chairs and skateboards.

Within the village there are golf carts. Which uses electrical energy to be free of pollution and is there to provide transportation services to the media to and from the village. To answer the host’s request that the Hangzhou Games this time be a Green Asian Games – Thai News Agency

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