The SET index closed 2 points lower this morning, amid concern about the Fed increasing interest rates, with an eye on the Monetary Policy Committee meeting this afternoon.

10 stocks pushing the index this morning

The Thai stock market closed this morning (September 27, 2023) at 1,491.98 points, down 2.04 points (-0.14%), with a trading value of approximately 22,658.02 million baht.

Miss Chotikarn Santimethiferon Senior Director, Securities Analysis Department Phillip Securities (Thailand) He said Thai stock market In the morning, it fluctuated within a limited range. Waiting to see the results of the meeting Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) He will be out this afternoon. Interest rates are expected to remain partly constant. Another part expects interest rates to increase, while… Phillip Securities Expect Monetary Policy Committee Interest rates are likely to be raised again during the remainder of this year. This time is likely to increase. To control the rise in inflation in the future Moreover, investors also follow the perspective of interest rates. And the economy as well

In addition, external factors continue to exert pressure. Because of the officials Federal Reserve of the United States (Federal Reserve) He supported Nourish it Continuously raising interest rates to control inflation and the United States is at risk of a government shutdown, but the market still has slight support from rising crude oil prices. It has a positive effect on the energy pool.

The stock market trend is expected to fluctuate in the afternoon even though the results of the Monetary Policy Committee meeting are known. But it may see a decline in economic growth, putting pressure on the market. Keeping the support level at 1,485-1,480 points and the resistance level at 1,495-1,500 points.

The securities with the highest trading value are 5 securities

In order Trading value reached 1,402.57 million baht, and closed at 170.50 baht, an increase of 2.00 baht.

Push to talk Trading value reached 959.44 million baht, closing at 33.75 baht, unchanged.

Sav Trading value reached 900.32 million baht, and closed at 17.20 baht, an increase of 1.90 baht.

K Bank Trading value 809.88 million baht, closing at 123.00 baht, price unchanged.

Credit and Savings Bank Trading value reached 688.20 million baht, and closed at 102.50 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht.

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