How improved user experience is driving the online casino boom

Online gambling is among the many industries that have reaped the benefits of ever-improving technology. The past decade has seen the number of people who use the internet increase dramatically, which includes the many people who have turned to online casinos.
The ease and comfort you have when gambling online are unmatched, but without micro improvements to the site, the user base can plateau. This hasn’t happened with online casinos. This is due to a lot of reasons, one of which is the focus given on user experience.
The customer’s experience ranks first above everything else; online gambling sites have recognized this and invested a lot in that department. Here are three ways online casinos have improved their user experience.


Back in the old days, you were limited to only a handful of games that always stayed the same. Now, you can choose from a host of different games like action, story-based, and themed, alongside the long-standing classics.

Some of the themed slots are based on popular Canadian game shows like Wheel of Wishes, while others are casino exclusives like Sweet Bonanza. The many promotions and bonuses have also helped their popularity like no-deposit spins and cash bonuses which are included in the complete guide to Canadian casino bonuses.

Graphics have improved dramatically, which means the visual experience alone is enough to keep you involved. A lot of games now also have RPG elements, which adds yet another level of investment.

Live games

To make online casinos more realistic and engaging, live elements have been added to most games. Live blackjack, roulette and poker are now available on most sites.

Enlisting a dealer who stands at a table in a real casino setting drastically improves the customer’s experience by helping to immerse the player in the game, and so replicating this in online games is just as effective.

In some cases, you can talk to the dealer in real-time with the use of a chat box. As technology develops and virtual reality becomes more common, we will be able to see our fellow players next to us.

Customer service

As the bedrock of any consumer-reliant business, customer service gives the company the ability to build a relationship with its users. It helps sites retain customers after they bring them in, which is especially important now that the bar has been set so high.

Customer service providers can be accessed through social media, email, phone and live chat. They are crucial in helping customers deal with any problems and can help guide them along their journey on the site.

Online gambling sites have used artificial intelligence to optimise their customer service, so for the majority of queries employees are not needed. This is accomplished by integrating the technology into chatbots which pop up on the website homepage or can even be accessed over the phone.

As technology gets better and is integrated correctly, the user experience will only improve.

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