How did you think about this? Jurgen Klopp criticizes the English Premier League for organizing a strange schedule for the first leg against Manchester City.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp criticized the organizers of the English Premier League match for their decision to hold the first match between his team and Manchester City on Saturday, November 25.

Liverpool beat Brentford 3-0 on Sunday 12 November, moving them into second place in the table before the Premier League makes way for international matches. The Reds’ first program after the end of the national team program is a visit to Manchester City.

Klopp said: “My players responded very well. But now they all have to play in the national team match. When the time comes for us to get back together, we will train together just once before the visit of Manchester City at 12.30 on Saturday 25 November (19.30 on this day). November 25, Thailand time).

“Today we won so no one can say I’m complaining about the programme. But how do you decide to play a match like this at 12:30pm on a Saturday? Let’s be honest. The people responsible for making these decisions have no passion for the game of football. Without It is simply possible to organize a program like this.”

“If this is the time when people around the world are paying the most to watch football matches, then… it also means it’s so secretive it’s as if no one has ever told us about it before. I don’t know if that’s the case. I really don’t know.

“I put two teams with maybe 30 international players playing together in that period. In addition, all the players from South American countries came back on the same plane. They flew back together. We had them fly from Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia and they came back here on the same plane.” It’s crazy, but we have to make sure we’re prepared.

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