Harry Styles, James Corden’s Crash Fans apartment for the day’s video

If you live in a New York apartment and have had a reason to move out lately, check out Ring’s cam footage on the doorbell – you may have missed a knock on the door from Harry Stiles and James Corden.

in a section forLate Show with James CordenAired Thursday night, James Corden shows his directorial eye on Harry Styles for the pop star’s ‘Daylight’ music video, from his third studio album ‘Harry’s House’.

In the sitcom, a couple begins their journey by knocking on the doors of a random apartment on a residential street in New York, where they get one “I’m about to go out for the day” and another rejection from a woman – despite the crowds of people taking pictures of the patterns behind – please kindly By refusing access to the pop star and host late at night.

“I thought this would be easier Harry, I have to be honest – I thought your face would open a lot of doors,” Corden says, as the duo and the faltering camera crew continue their search.

Finally, the couple entered an apartment under the guise of pizza delivery, which led them to the front door of four lucky fans of Styles: Isabelle, Caroline, Hadley and Sydney.

With Styles hiding in the hall, the girls greet Corden, who asks them for permission to photograph inside their apartment, and respond, “Of course!” Corden then takes Styles’ hand, pulls it to the door frame and reveals it to the girls covering their mouths in disbelief.

diverse I spoke with the girls before the Styles episode aired, and to say they’re excited is an understatement.

“If we know [they were stopping by] We were going to at least brush our hair! ‘ they said, anecdote that fateful afternoon after work when their doorbell rang only to reveal Styles and Corden.

What was just a three-hour shootout heralded a chain of major events for the girls who said Styles was in best spirits – despite the fact that their apartment didn’t have air conditioning.

“He also made sure we were taken care of! He would say, ‘Make sure the girls have water too,’” they say between laughs, recalling the details of their off-camera conversations about work and birthdays.

To get started on filming, the girls take the Styles camp for a tour of their spacious New York apartment (look to believe it) but make sure the star sits outside Hadley’s room, where she’s filled with One Direction memorabilia and even painted styles like Harry Potter.

“I can’t stop thinking about all the things I wish I had said to him,” recalls Hadley—a longtime fan of the boy band. “But now, I’ve written a list of all the things I would say to him if it ever happened again.”

However, what Styles didn’t miss was a picture hanging on the roommates’ wall with Late Night TV host Jimmy Fallon. “If we had known, we could have hidden it,” Caroline jokes, “I’m deciding not to take it personally,” Corden replies.

In preparation for the music video, Corden instructs the girls to “call some friends, but don’t go crazy” in the video’s party scenes, while he orchestrates the rest of the music video footage.

“I was in a Christopher Nolan movie…” Styles begins, pointing at the girls’ bathroom, “And now that’s my dressing room.”

Corden also instructs the singer to walk down the hall with the instructions: “Give me old Mick Jagger,” as Styles summons his best impression of Jagger – agape mouth and hands up – before turning to: “Give me little Mick Jagger!”

Corden didn’t just stop at creative directing—he also took it upon himself to tackle stunts, stepping out in a head-to-toe green suit to photograph the styles in his aforementioned flamboyant costume on the roof, very literally after opening the song line, “I’m on the roof.”

Styles shook hands with all of the girls’ friends who arrived to serve as extras for the concert scenes and Corden directed, “Don’t treat him like he’s Harry Styles, treat him like someone named Chris.”

The girls say the concert scenes were “so real,” that the album hadn’t been released yet, and listening to the song “Daylight” was more than just fun. “Harry was also very upset,” recalls one of the girls, referring to the crowded living room party scene.

The segment ends with the premiere of “Late Late Show and James Corden Production,” a three-minute music video (just $300 from Corden) that featured several cameos from the four girls and of course the smiling singer-songwriter himself.

Watch the full segment below.

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