Tesla’s 100-hectare Giga Berlin expansion begins: Report

The planned expansion of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin was officially launched on Wednesday. According to local reports, the initiative will include the expansion of the Giga Berlin complex by nearly 100 hectares (247 acres) to the east.

According to Arne Christiani, mayor of Grünheide, Tesla has submitted an application to expand Giga Berlin. This is likely to be strategic, as the development plan (Plan B) for Giga Berlin will have to be updated to accommodate the expansion of the complex.

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Christian New Tesla app confirmed. “The municipality of Grünheide received on time a request to start a Plan B procedure in the immediate vicinity of the existing 300 hectare B Plan,” said the mayor.

As mentioned in a rbb24 The report, the development plan regulates what can be built on a plot of land. It is determined by the municipal council. How the actions of the development plan will be carried out is set out by the legislator in the Building Code (BauGB).

With Tesla seemingly on top of Giga Berlin’s expansion permits, the Grünheide municipality’s main committee should start dealing with the request as early as Thursday next week, June 2, 2022. Christiani noted that this should signal the start of the B process. planning.

“During this process, it will become clear whether all concerns related to the Plan B process align with the wishes of the community representatives,” Christiani said.

The mayor indicated that the majority of members of the main committee in the municipal council are likely to recommend the start. Giga Berlin development plan to treat. However, Christiani also tempered expectations by saying the municipality’s delegation process is expected to take about a year.

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Tesla’s 100-hectare Giga Berlin expansion begins: Report

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