Gold price market closed unchanged today Spot Gold Price – Fixed BOD : PPTVHD36

Gold prices today ended the market unchanged from the day before yesterday. In the international market, prices were relatively stable compared to the day before yesterday. Meanwhile, the pot strengthened slightly. But it didn’t help much.

Gold Traders Association Today (21 Sep 2023) domestic gold prices are announced twice and the market closes unchanged from the previous day. The market is waiting to evaluate the results of central bank policy. Fluctuates both the price of spot gold and the value of the bullion

  • Gold bars are bought at 32,800.00 baht/baht gold and sold at 32,900.00 baht/baht gold.
  • Gold Jewellery: Buy back gold at 32,215.48 baht/baht and sell gold at 33,400.00 baht/baht.

The domestic gold spot market was quoted at $1,927.50/oz. and 36.12 baht/dollar based on the baht value

Today gold price domestically increased by 50 baht, central bank maintains interest rates

The central bank raises interest rates once before pulling back over the longer term, putting pressure on risk assets. Thai shares have an eye on the support level of 1,490.

Gold futures for delivery in December edged lower after the central bank meeting.

Gold prices have fallen in the international market. As the dollar and US bond yields rose. After the US Federal Reserve (Fed) sent a signal to raise interest rates again this year. and will begin easing fiscal policy next year.

Spot gold prices fell 0.1% to $1,927/oz. As for gold futures, they will be delivered in December. Down 1% to $1,948/oz.

hua cheng heng gold shop I think the central bank will continue to raise interest rates. And keep interest rates longer than ever What you need to know from the September 19-20 Fed meeting The September 19-20 Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting will be the 6th meeting of the year. The Central Bank has decided to hold this rate. Market expected interest rates to be 5.25-5.50%. After raising interest rates 11 times since the central bank began its rate hike cycle in March 2022,

The dot plot or interest rate estimate signals that the central bank will raise interest rates one more time this year, bringing the rate to 5.50-5.75% by the end of the year. The original 4.6% reflects that the central bank will cut interest rates by 0.50% or 2 times next year, down from the original expectation of a 1% or 4 times rate cut, keeping interest rates higher. Longer than before. It is still not under control due to inflation

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said fighting inflation is paramount. And it will take a long time for US inflation to return to the Fed’s target of 2%.

Gold prices are expected to fall. One factor that will put pressure on gold prices in the short term is the possibility that the central bank will raise interest rates one more time and raise interest rates in the long run. But last night gold price reacted negatively. Short-term support levels are $1,920 and $1,910, while resistance levels are $1,942 and $1,947.

As for the price of gold bars in the country, they got a positive result for the baht, which weakened the most in nine-and-a-half months, so that the price of gold bars sold by the Gold Traders Association crossed 30,000 baht yesterday. The all-time high was 33,050 baht. We recommend selling gold bars to invest and earn some profit. A sell point cut losses at $1,910 to speculate on the buy side, while gold futures fell to $1,920 for investing.

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