The thief released a secret clip from Beer The Voice.

existing “Remove news pin” Published via SONDHI APP. NEWS1 TV station YouTube channel News1 And Facebook fan page News1 Thursday, September 21, 2023 provides a special report. The thief released a secret clip from Beer The Voice.

She is a beautiful and famous girl. The latest thing that was in the news was that she was a victim of a secret clip with her ex-boyfriend. It leaked all over social media but like sexy “Beer The Voice” singer Patsaranan Astamongkol will be dealing with this crisis. Strongly

Maybe because I’m a new generation girl. Who came out to open up about their love affair when a traitor released a clip so she was completely still. can receive easily.

Instead, he was on the side of all her former lovers. They all moved and posted here and there. To say that it is hot is not so.

But he will probably be angry with his ex. Who should become the delicious prey of low-class netizens. The comments filled her with joy.
“Top Lazyloxy” Pathapob Poolklang, one of Bear’s ex-girlfriends. Orma posted that “To all civilized people who may be stupid but have no brains and come out and express stupid opinions. Disrespecting women After you finish masturbating don’t forget to keep the money.”

While “Wa Noi O Onewz” is a famous figure in the gaming industry. Another ex-girlfriend of Beer The Voice, who was accused by netizens of being the culprit, also posted: “I had nothing to do with the incident. Including not contacting a lawyer. Initially, there were some reports to the Computer Crimes Act.

Along with the Beer encouragement post that “Please support P’Beer”, there was a message exchange between Wa Noi and Beer in one episode saying: “Wa is worried about you. Please don’t give up.” Bear replied, “I’m fine. I’ll take care of it.”

In addition to encouragement from ex-girlfriends, encouragement from fans is considered an important role in helping to keep Beer The Voice going due to the lack of fans. I will blame that on you. But he is seen as the evil of the man who released the clip.

But it’s more important than anything else. Maybe this is the attitude of a confident girl from Beer The Voice, and when the clip leaked, she didn’t show any signs of shaking. He’s different from other celebrity victims of leaked clips.

Bear once said in an interview: “That’s not right. Try again. You don’t like the situation here. If you’re not happy, just quit. Why force yourself to live with an unhappy person? Everyone has a choice. Hence, the We have the right to live life, taste life or try dating someone.I have never met anyone yet. Life always has a way forward for us.

“Don’t force yourself to have one friend for the rest of your life until you die. By abusing or forcing yourself to stay. To keep the beauty of good Thai feminine love even if you’re not happy, if you’re not happy, just quit. That’s it.”

As of now, Beer The Voice knows exactly which slut-faced man hurt her. But the general public doesn’t know. So we’re trying to find each other. Who exactly is this naughty young man?

The names of her ex-boyfriends are so gushed in front of the audience.

Starting with “Katto Lipta” by Arom Phohanratanakul, the lead singer of the band Lipta, who revealed their love for Beer in 2015, despite being 14 years apart in age, and finally announced their breakup in 2018.

The next person was Hai Thanwa Ketswane, the lead singer of the band Paper Planes, who later went on to have the most famous song in town, “Bad Style.”

Hai and Beer launch by traveling together to Japan in cutesy dating style, after which Hai has to overcome the trend of netizens’ stupidity. He likes to compare him to Kato until he has to threaten legal action.

Then, there was Wa Nui, a young player with a bright face. But they couldn’t go together. With the theme of violence, they assaulted the body with strangulation and used violent words and insults until they invaded and went up to Bear’s house.

He is few and explained to the media that the events because he has bipolar disorder, you cannot control your emotions

After graduating from Wa Noi, it was the “Top Laxyloxy” rapper’s turn to make his debut in 2022, with Beer revealing that our lifestyles were compatible, but in 2023 they had to break up. Beer reported the reason. Our lifestyles are very different.

At this point, it is up to Beer The Voice to take legal action against the person who posted the clip. Are you ready to take off your mask and let society punish you?

This person could be a “moong” not on the list who is a serious beer lover.

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