Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds challenges Souldivers.

Marble Net is the leading company in developing and providing high-quality mobile games around the world. A new update has been released for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, where players can now experience the fun and challenge of new dungeons, defense upgrades, equipment improvements, and various activities!

It’s time to take on a new challenge in the newly added “Raid” dungeon. This part of the fun brings powerful bosses and opportunities for cooperative play. Up to 20 players can enter at the same time, using great strategies to conquer the dungeon. Players will be challenged to complete quests, avoid obstacles, fight bosses, and much more! Players can obtain the “Massive Soldier Weapon Uniform” by collecting materials obtained from the Raid.

As for crossing the new threshold, it is now available for players to boost their defenses beyond the current limit of 6 stars, level 30! When the protective equipment exceeds the limit, there will be a special option by contracting Mini Demon and Mini Demon Armor. In addition, the equipment enhancement level has been increased to level 130 (from level 99), as higher enhancement levels lead to more powerful equipment. Expanding to Enhancement Level (100) requires two separate materials: “Ultimate Enhancement Stone” and “Mysterious Exorcism Doll”. These new materials can be obtained through various content such as: D, Field Boss, and Battle for Ancient Treasures

Enjoy a variety of new in-game activities today. Whatever:

  • Raid Update Celebration Check-in Event: Check in to the game for 14 days, giving you the chance to win various prizes such as “Random Selection Voucher Pack”, “Rare 4-Star Funia Recruitment Certificate” and various development materials.
  • Travel beyond Bonbon!: Tickets obtained by completing quests or free gifts. Can be used in mini-games. When all stages are cleared you can obtain various materials such as Sealed Demonic Weapons, Sealed Demonic Armor, Purification Potions, and Sunset Extracts.
  • Who’s the lucky one?: When you clear a raid while the raid reward is available. Players will have the opportunity to be randomly selected as the lucky winner. The “Exorcism Doll Mystery Chest” also offers random coupons to all other participating players.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is developed from Studio Ghibli’s hit original fantasy RPG series and Level-5 “Ni no Kuni”. For the latest game information and updates, visit Fans can visit the official website at > You can follow additional information and details on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Discord.

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