Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is a new 4v1 game from Friday the 13th devs

new Ghostbusters game from developer Friday the 13th: The Game And the Predator: hunting grounds Coming to consoles and PC later this year. On Tuesday, developer Illfonic announced Ghostbusters: Unleashing Soulsall ages take on its trademark four-versus-one of asymmetric multiplayer gaming, as you play as your own original Ghostbusters team – or play the ghost of Hell in a haunted mayhem.

As ghost hunters, players will use Proton Pack, Throw Throwers, Ghost Traps, and PKE Meter in first-person to track, attack, and subdue ghosts as a team of four. As one of a variety of playable ghosts, players will also terrify ordinary citizens in a variety of locations, possess objects in the environment, and teleport through maps using rifts. Ghosts aren’t defenseless either; They can prick and stun a team of enemy Ghostbusters as they try to chase each map to completion. (There is no death in Ghostbusters: Unleashing Soulsonly “violators go into a drop state.)

Your Ghostbusters team will set up shop in the original movie fire station, complete with the Ecto-1 in the set’s garage. Winston Zeddemore, voiced by Ernie Hudson, will provide guidance there, while Ray Stantz, voiced by Dan Aykroyd, will give insight into the spectral world of Ray’s Occult Books – conveniently located across the street from the fire station, for game purposes.

Photo: Illfonic/Sony Pictures Consumer Products

In the firehouse, players will customize their own Ghostbuster (and with the help of Tobin’s Spirit Guide, customize their ghost) and their gear. While the traditional Ghostbusters gear is available here in . format Unleash SoulsOther unlockable weapons and equipment will also be available to further customize your team.

Speaking with Illfonic co-founder Charles Brongardt and creative director Jared Giritzen, Polygon learned that the team wanted to make a family-friendly, not-too-violent game accessible to Ghostbusters fans of all ages. Ghostbusters: Unleashing Souls It will support cross-platform play across consoles and PC, and feature AI-controlled facilities to fill (or fill) teams in an effort to make getting into games faster. The creators said that matches should last no more than 10 minutes.

Illfonic on Polygon Shows Expanded Gameplay Preview Ghostbusters: Unleashing Souls Last week, a team of ghost hunters displayed a response to a ghost invasion at a New York City museum. They fight a purple slime that summons a minion, shock and stun him with a PKE scale, and then meticulously corner him with chaotic particle launchers. One of his teammates was in charge of the trap, and he tossed and opened it just in time.

Later, Illfonic showed a ghost battle – which is played in a third-person perspective – in which the ghost causes mischief by astounding museum-goers and lodging in a variety of targets (mop buckets with wheels, “wet floor” signs, etc. ), to turn the experience into a prop chase style game. Ghost will also have Ghost Vision, the ability to see human players and NPCs through walls.

A ghost attacks a lone Ghostbuster in the museum in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Photo: Illfonic/Sony Pictures Consumer Products

Debut trailer for Ghostbusters: Unleashing Souls No less than four playable ghosts, including Slimer, appear coming to the game. Illfonic also promises multiple maps and hints at unlockable Ghostbusting gadgets that fans have never seen before.

Ghostbusters: Unleashing Souls It takes place in the movie law after the events of 2021 Ghostbusters: The Afterlife. Unleash Souls The movie will borrow “It’s OK, It’s Good, Crossing Flows” to allow players to shoot a particle beam for a powered team. However, players will not get a chance to drive an Ecto-1 as part of their ghost ride outings.

Ghostbusters: Unleashing Souls It will play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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