Baker Mayfield’s options are very limited

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The man who actually replaced him Deshaun Watson He wanted to trade ponies. Instead, the ponies were traded to the man who nearly replaced Watson.

To the extent that some believe Baker Mayfield Needing humility, losing his top pick to an older player who entered the league when Mayfield was just 13 years old may have done the trick.

So where is Mayfield heading? Seahawks are still an interesting option. It may be the only viable option.

Texas doesn’t want him. Otherwise, he would have gotten into Watson’s business package. (Then again, if Brown hits Mayfield’s fiery sell-off, perhaps the price will become more attractive to Houston.) Sam Darnold; They’re looking for a major upgrade, not another temporary placeholder.

Saints can be at play. the new James Winston The contract seems to indicate otherwise. (The final structure of the Winston deal could suggest otherwise.)

Then there is the black. This is the best option in my opinion. Mayfield is the embodiment of the knee-biting attitude that trainer Dan Campbell is trying to instill, the tough, lovable (mostly) villain who is an equal part of Rick Mahorn and Marshall Mathers.

Baker vs. Mayfield Jared Goff not think. Mayfield is the man for black now. John Dorsey, who drafted Mayfield in Cleveland and currently works in Detroit, must have a friend on his way around the building, trying to create a consensus that they should go get Mayfield.

It may not cost much. Brown wants to dump the guaranteed $18.8 million salary. Maybe they’ll pay some of it. Or maybe they will take the peanuts in order to get rid of it completely.

Regardless, evaporating the ponies as a landing site for Mayfield would make it difficult to position. And the fact that the ponies chose Matt Ryan Probably more than Mayfield is the bucket of ice water that makes Mayfield do the kind of soul-searching that will help him propel his career at a crossroads in the right direction.

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