G-Dragon update on drug investigation news This situation has changed!

(October 30, 23) This has been confirmed G-Dragon or Kwon Jeong, former member of BIGBANG. She is not involved in any of the famous drug cases in South Korea.

A South Korean news agency revealed a shocking story. Saying that there were previous news reports about this G-Dragon was summoned for violating the Drug Administration Act. Although he denied this and said that he does not use drugs.

Lee Jin Ho, owner of Entertainment Behind President, spoke about the case that occurred. G-Dragon confirmed this and was not contacted by the police regarding the drug case. I was very disturbed by the news that was presented

As for the issue of being prevented from leaving the country, this has been revealed
It wasn’t because G-Dragon admitted to using drugs. But because of the investigation process

G-Dragon has now responded to the negative news. By appointing a law firm to act as a representative.

While recently there was a report and the police applied for a search warrant from the Incheon District Court. Which was rejected by the court willing to provide reasons “There is not enough evidence”

According to legal and police sources, on October 30, the drug investigation unit of the Incheon Police recently applied for a search warrant. According to the Anti-Narcotics Law, after investigating the matter, prosecutors requested an injunction from the Incheon District Court.

However, the court refused because “insufficient evidence” means there is no final confirmation yet. About the young singer’s drug use in any form

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