Transportation moves to organize public buses on Soksawat Road, rushes to adjust parking spaces – and prevents signs from being frozen due to heavy traffic jams along the “Purple South” construction line.

Deputy Permanent Secretary for Transport Regulation of public buses Soksawat Road, construction side of Phra Pradaeng Station “Purple Line South”, causing minibuses, buses and vans to freeze, causing severe traffic jams. Accelerating coordination in the Big C area to adjust the new bus parking space.

On 30 October 2023, Mr Surapong Piachot, Deputy Minister of Transport, appointed Mr Surapong Paitunphong, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport. Visit the area to inspect the organization of public buses. In front of Big C Store Susuat Branch and Purple Line Construction Area, Tao Boon – Rat Burana (Phra Pradaeng Station), Samut Prakan Province, along with Mr. Weerapat Khantha, Member of the House of Representatives. Samut Prakan Province, Khao Klai Party, with representatives of the Ministry of Land Transport (BMTA), Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA), Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA), and relevant officials. Join the area

Mr. Surapong Paitonvong said that on the issue of the members of the House of Representatives, Cao Klai Party, there was a discussion in the House of Representatives session. In case of the problem of public buses waiting for passengers for a long time on the road in front of Big C Department Store. Suswat Branch The construction area of ​​the Purple Line MRT station, Tao Bon – Rat Burana section (Phra Pradaeng Station), has caused a traffic jam, and the ministry is concerned about those affected and is not complacent. Expediting the concerned authorities to solve the problem in order to alleviate the suffering of the people.

Who came from going to the area to inspect the facts today a problem was found with public buses, including minibuses, buses and minivans, frozen parked waiting to pick up passengers, resulting in traffic jams. Part of it comes from building the Purple Line. Phra Prading Station One lane had to be closed to traffic, including the turn into Big C Department Store. It is not far from the bus station. This led to a slowdown in traffic. Especially during rush hour, there will be heavy traffic, causing more traffic jams.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport discussed the matter with MPs from the Kao Klai Party and came to the conclusion that they would seek help from Big C Department Store. To use the area in front of the store. It is a stopping point for picking up and dropping off passengers, replacing the original point in front of the road. To reduce congestion when public buses stop to transport passengers. Which leads to traffic congestion, MRTA will improve the area in the mall. If such a favor is received, the BMTA and BMTA will coordinate with public transport operators to instruct them not to stop to pick up and drop off passengers for a long period to avoid traffic congestion and alleviate the suffering of the traveling public. The aforementioned area as well as emphasizing that operations should be carried out taking into account the benefits that people will receive due to its importance, in line with the policy of “Transportation for the happiness of the people.”

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