“Kongklai” volunteers welcome “Soner” and “Fabio” to fight in place of “Vladimir” in ONE Lumpini 39.

The power of world-class martial arts competitions remains hugely popular, and ONE Lumpini 39 is ready to be broadcast live to viewers in over 190 countries around the world. Join 12 pairs of 24 highly skilled fighters, as they prepare to exchange heavy weapons at the Lumbini (Ramindra) Theater on Friday, November 3.

The main event is ‘Kongklai Nnie Muay Thai’, a fit 25-year-old left-handed boxer from Phitsanulok, who has won two straight bouts without completing rounds. Ready to sweep the bounty over a million baht this time, we volunteered to welcome newcomer from Turkey, “Golden Boy” Suner Sen, 27, to duel his 142-pound Muay Thai powerhouse.

Congclai vs Sooner

The second pair is “ET Teedet 99”, a 29-year-old from Roi Et, who is ready to show his best level to remove his embarrassment. After making a mistake in the last battle. Clash with right-handed boxer of the same age “Mongkhonkaew S. Sommai”, the new sire of Maha Sarakham. Who hopes to return to his level and return to the path of victories again. They will compete in Muay Thai rules at a catch weight of 130 pounds.

ET vs Mongkulkaew

While international main eventer Fabio Reis, a hard-hitting 26-year-old Portuguese boxer, has faltered recently and lost a majority point, Phongsiri BK Saenchai has regained his confidence and meets Vladimir Ko Samin, a 27-year-old ONE athlete from Russia came into service to replace YodIQ PK Saenchai who was ill and had to withdraw. They will duel under Muay Thai rules, weighing in at 146 pounds.

Fabio vs Vladimir

Additionally, fans will be able to join in the excitement of a “Jack Jack Muay Thai” fight, as Muay Thai moves are always fun. Take on exciting newcomer “Darkie Nokkhao Km.11”, a fearless opponent with a powerful knee weapon, including “Samingdam Chor. Ajalaboon” who is seeking victory points for the third straight fight he has faced in the ring. “Denkriangkrai Singmawin” is an important test of skills.

Thai sports fans can book tickets to enter the stadium via Home Thai tickets The first match starts at 7:30 pm, follow the live broadcast on Watch.ONEFC.com (some countries), Facebook & YouTube one (some countries) and on channel 7HD Press 35 (Thai) starting at 8:30 p.m.

Program for every match in ONE Lumpini 39

  • Main Match: Conglai Ani Muay Thai vs. Sooner Sin (Muay Thai, catchweight 142 lbs)
  • Secondary Match: E. T. Tedit 99 vs. Mongkolkaew S. Sumay (Muay Thai, catch weight 130 lbs)
  • Somingdam Chor.Achanbun vs. Denkriangkrai Singmawin (Muay Thai, catch weight 129 lbs)
  • Darkie Nokhao Km.11 vs. Jack Jack Muay Thai (Muay Thai, catch weight 138 lbs)
  • Nong Champ Lucky Bantering vs Viet Aik Kyachamron (Muay Thai, catch weight 112 lbs)
  • Amnuaydet W.Wanthawee vs. Phetleela M.Yuden (Muay Thai, catch weight 120 lbs)
  • Fabio Reis vs. Vladimir Kuzmin (Muay Thai, catch weight 146 lbs)
  • Dieter Luke Swan Otto Muay Thai vs. Abdulla Diakiyev (Muay Thai Bantamweight 135-145 lbs)
  • Lo Ngern Pae Sai Si vs Karim Dahu (Muay Thai, catch weight 127 lbs)
  • Mad Seng Khao Lak Muay Thai vs. Patrick Sanna (Muay Thai, catch weight 143 lbs)
  • Lucas Gabriel vs. Kurbanaliy Isabekov (MMA Lightweight 155 – 170 lbs)
  • Moises Luis Ilokun vs. Cho Jong Jun (MMA strawweight 115-125 lbs)

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