Elect Senator 67: Chomchai Wongchawat enters the final round to elect provincial-level senators in Chiang Mai.

To advance to Chiang Mai, elect Senator 67 at the provincial level, Somchai Wongsawat. Many famous people in the industry do not clear the first round of exams.

Election of Senator 67 at Provincial Level in Chiang Mai Province, Mr. Somchai Wongsawat, a former prime minister, passed the first round of their own selection from the panel of candidates for the Senate, while well-known news anchor Ms Narakorn Thiayon was not selected in the first round.

In Rayong Province, former mass journalist Mr. Chakrapan Yomjinda was found to be. Did not pass the first round.

In this regard, Mr Somzai is being watched to be selected as the next Senate President. If you pass the senatorial exam at the national level

At the Centara Life Chaengwatana Hotel, in the provincial senatorial district of Bangkok, the results have already been announced: Group 17, a civil society group. Among the elected members of the Public Welfare Organization Committee are:

Ex-Bangkok Senator Ms. Rosanna Dosithrakul, Human Rights Activist Angana Nilapaijit, President of Duangpradeep Foundation Ms. Pradeep Ungsongtam Hata, Communication Educator Ms. Nandana Nandhavaropas. Including political activist Mr. Varanjai Soksana who qualified for the final round with 6 points.

Found famous people but Mr.Sonthia Sawadee,Mr. Yudpichai Sanleka or Dodo, Actor and Actor Mr. Chandhana Braonrad, Former Election Commission Dr. An actor and actor like Rongthian Nayenna did not pass the cross-examination round like Mr. Chandana Bryonrad. Hospital Proprietor, Monguthwattana Hospital, etc

Ithipon Poonprakong, Chairman of the Election Commission (Electronics Commission) gave an overview of the senatorial election and gave an interview. At the provincial level, complaints were registered in 2 provinces: Phayao Province and Maha Saragam Province. As for the district-level examination, there were 78 complaints about the process, 11 of which were resolved by the Election Commission, and another 67 related to violations of the law. Most people complain that it is useful and that they pay to apply.

When asked about the case that the Constitutional Court is preparing to decide on the case related to the election of senators. Assessing whether or not there will be a problem, Mr. Out of respect for the court.

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