Xiaomi 14 will get ChatGPT-style AI tools when the HyperOS 2.0 update

The world's leading technology companies are already using AI tools in their smartphones and other products, such as Samsung's Galaxy AI, Google's Gemini, and Apple's Apple Intelligence, and now Xiaomi is about to launch new AI-powered features in its HyperOS Notes app.

Xiaomi 14 will get ChatGPT-style AI tools when the HyperOS 2.0 update

Sources have found that the beta version of HyperOS 2.0 (based on Android 15) is currently being tested on 14 Xiaomi smartphones. A generative AI tool that works similarly to ChatGPT is built into the Notes app.

Using AI technology, the Notes app in HyperOS can automatically generate summaries of text typed or pasted into the app. It can retrieve relevant web information to add summary information when a link is included in a record. Likewise, pasting text from the clipboard triggers AI to create an expanded version of the content.

Xiaomi's AI tools are also smart enough to censor or moderate sensitive content. “This content is sensitive,” when trying to summarize an article about Tiananmen Square.

However, Xiaomi's AI tool also uses server-based processing methods. This means that an internet connection is required to use it. It is also limited to use on the Chinese version of HyperOS.

source – Gizchina

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