Dietmar Hamann decides! Manchester City vs Liverpool, which team is better?

Hamann, who previously played for both Liverpool and Manchester City and also played a commentator role, was asked for his opinion on the clash between the Blues and Reds at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday 25 November. As it stands, the former champions are just one point ahead of the visiting team after drawing with Chelsea 4-4, while Red Machine are seen at home beating Brentford and Nord Sabai Kwik 3-0.

“It will probably be the biggest game in the Premier League because the two teams have been the most successful recently,” Hamann said on November 14.

“We will have to wait and see who can play. City may have more options than Liverpool, but Liverpool have more players to choose from now.”

“If that were the case, I think Liverpool would not lose to City.”

Meanwhile, the former Iron Eagle star confirmed that at the moment, Manchester City’s first rival is not fellow city club Manchester United, who are in decline, but Liverpool who have come to replace them.

“I am not saying that City is Liverpool’s first competitor in history because we know that United are declining.”

“In terms of City currently being Liverpool’s number one rival, Manchester United have a big problem. They could lose the title. The Champions League even this season.”

“The club is in turmoil. I heard the news that the team was split. People don’t like the owner. There are a lot of things happening. The team was not good enough.”

“You have to say that City and Liverpool are really big rivals of each other. I hope United can come back because a strong United will have a positive impact. Premier League”

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