Wang Yibo shows off his dance steps for “A Step to Dare to Dream, Just One,” the highest-grossing Chinese film in 3 years on iQIYI

iQIYI(Ai Qi Yi) online video platformWorld leaders would like to offer happiness at the end of the year.J-Film serviceIt’s a powerful trend that’s breaking income records.It bombed at the box office and grossed highly.Highest price in Thailand at 3 A year like the movie Step Dare to Dream (Single) Starring Wang Yibo, a top-notch actor and singer.It is from the land of dragons that the most popular works were left on it iQIYI(Ai Qiyi) Whether the legend of Luoyang (Luoyang), Best friend with magical powersmy strange friend) Along with Huang Bo, the award-winning King of CinemaOf gold that left precious tracesBe a good role modelAl Jazeera Complete Edition) Legend of the Fist: The Return of Zhen Zhen And Super Sketch Show 2 Thai fans are getting ready to watch the movieThai dubbing at the same time 15 This November iQIYI(Ai Qi Yi) Just One Place is another Chinese film.Thai fans shouldn’t miss it!

From the movie Step Kla Tha Fun (Single) It tells the story of Chen Su (played by Wang Yibo), who loves dancing in the streets.The mind lives, but can only be practicedyourself in your free time, which is hardly possibleThere are things in life that must be fought over.I work for a living, and if I want to make a living I use it.For only a small amount of moneyBut then he had the opportunity to work together.Along with Ding Li (played by Huang Bo), the coach of the Exclamation Mark Team (electronic tag) Your dream tournament team plus dancing practice and meeting friends.With different sparks of dreams but the path to dreams is not straight.It was easy, he got hit hard. It must enter the mode whereMay all dreams be extinguished He and Ding Li will overcome the period of decline andCan you keep moving forward and reach your dreams? Get ready to watch the movie Step by Dare to Dream (Single) Dubbed in Thai 15 This November iQIYI(Ai Qi Yi) Only one place!

Very special, watching movies step dare to dream (Single) You will be more satisfied than anyone else with the application. iQIYI VIP Just apply iQIYI VIP Premium 1 year The strongest discount of the year 50% Price only 999 Baht (from regular price 2000 faded) which l 300 First person to apply iQIYI VIP Premium 1 years and was registered through Google form Take it. Gift set From the movie “A Step to Dare to Dream” (Single) Consisting of Postcard amount 6 code cheering tower amount 1 piece hand bag amount 1 code Liquid sand ticket with a unique collection code amount 1 Piece value 399 Baht, you can apply from – 26 November. 2023 time 23:59 Evening only!


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