Decrypting BitKap halves the price of Bitcoin, causing the price to rise

“Bitcope Capital Group and its group of companies are committed to making preparations around the world to welcome Prague back,” said Jerayot Sopresopa, Founder and CEO of BitCube Capital Group Holding Ltd. “Important events in the world will occur in cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin halving in April 20, 2024.

A “Bitcoin halving” is when the Bitcoin mining reward drops every four years, “halving” every 210,000 blocks, with each block being created every 10 minutes previously. A phenomenon has occurred Bitcoin halving Been here 3 times

  • The third time on May 11, 2020, it dropped from $12.5 to $6.25. 6 months later, Bitcoin price tested a new high of $68,000.

For the fourth time, the next Bitcoin halving is expected to occur on April 20, 2024.

The reward will be reduced from 6.25 to 3.125 coins due to this phenomenon. It will stimulate the price of Bitcoin to rise in a big way. It was noted that the market began to wake up to the price of Bitcoin, which began to rise during this period. In addition, next year is about to enter a downward trend in interest rates.

Typically, after the halving, the Bitcoin price takes approximately 6 months to adjust to the upside until the Bitcoin price reaches new highs again. After that, the market will reverse in a downward trend with the event. “Cryptowinter” which often happens if the market becomes more speculative or speculative. But if not, the cryptocurrency market may suffer. It could be a “crypto summer.”

Moreover According to statistics in each of the past rounds, there was no round where Bitcoin made a new high before halving like this one, so investors should be careful. And keep a close eye on this, but at least the Bitcoin Spot ETF still makes you feel safe because there is still institutional money flowing in to be a new player in this round as well. When looking at various statistics and through the numbers, it is believed that the cryptocurrency industry still has the opportunity to grow further.

Bitcoin mining profits rise

When the price of Bitcoin rises there is another business that benefits from halving “Bitcoin mining” Having the price of Bitcoin double makes it seem like mining Bitcoins is more profitable. In the past, when digging more people solved mathematical equations using miningBitcoinEven more difficult, it is one of the mechanisms that causes the price of Bitcoin to rise as well.

But Bitcoin miners will have difficulty mining. Only full-fledged Bitcoin mining farms may be profitable in a scenario where electricity prices and mining costs are more expensive. This is because Bitcoin mining requires sophisticated computer equipment. The energy used in the operation process can no longer be used by traditional personal computers.

For the past 15 years, if only the price of Bitcoin had not fluctuated up and down. The price is stagnant and unexciting. There will be no speculation that it will become a digital asset other than “sexy”, moreover it will not have volume and will not be able to form a strong foundation for digital assets.

On the other hand, it is due to price volatility. It attracts investors' attention to the digital asset industry, which will create trading volumes. Movements that can be developed into applications

Bitcoin is still the #1 asset.

IncludedAfter that, the price of Bitcoin will not rise by 10,000% or fall by 5 times what it was in the past. Because now there is a user base or more users just like every asset that when the market becomes larger will have less volatility.

“Bitcoin, like any investment market, let's all imagine that Bitcoin is now the size of a small swimming pool. That only a few people use it and the fat person has a serious accident that occurs by jumping into a pool of water. It will affect everyone. But what if More and more people were using Bitcoin until Bitcoin became the size of a river? When fat people get involved, it doesn't affect the market as much as it did in the past.

3 sciences combined to form “Bitcoin”

Geraiot considers it so “Satoshi Nakamoto” Who created Bitcoin Writing a white paper using an ingenious Bitcoin architecture requires deep knowledge in three areas: economics, mathematics, and computer science. That can be createdBitcoinWith computer programs that are free of security vulnerabilities and cannot be hacked.

Therefore, many people consider it Bitcoin is a “scam” or scam. This means that I did not read the Bitcoin white paper written in detail. And the power of the protocol The transparency and decentralization of the blockchain means that Bitcoin remains the number one digital asset ever.

Money in the future will become “digital money”

In the future, money will turn into digital money. If in the future technology is developed more advanced but the world still uses paper money, “it's as if the software has been updated to the iPhone 15, but the hardware is still iPhone,” which has not changed with the digital economy.

Including from a sustainability perspective as the world moves towards carbon neutrality. Paper money makes the world cut down trees. Coupled with the fact that humans in the world are having to use more and more money for exchange, the solution is “The financial supply chain must become a digital one.” Which will be a change at the same time as the pattern of global trade brings the “digital supply chain” into the era of the digital economy, where “Bitcoin may act like gold to back everything assets now.”

Finally, Jirayut offers advice to new investors and those interested in investing in digital assets.

“Please study the information carefully before deciding to invest. Because digital assets are high-risk investments. Everyone has a different willingness, capital, and risk tolerance. Think of the words Warren Buffett once said: You don't have to swing a baseball bat every Once he throws the ball. But look at your preparation and wait for the moment when you are ready for it. Everyone must understand well what they are investing in every time.

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