2 months in jail, 4,000 baht fine, 2 years in prison, “Public Health Minister, Shanti” drunk and crashed a checkpoint, 2 years.

Revealing the progress of the case of Superintendent of Police Prasachun “son of Deputy Minister of Public Health Mr. Shanti Brambhat” who drove his car into the steel barricade at the police check post while under the influence of alcohol. Recently, the court sentenced him to 2 months imprisonment, 4,000 baht fine, 2 years probation and 6 months driving license suspension.

From the case of a 46-year-old man, son of a Deputy Minister. He had been drinking and crashed his car into a metal panel. Checkpoint for measuring alcohol content Section 5, Traffic Police, at the entrance of Soi Ratchadaphisek 31 on Ratchadaphisek Road and does not allow officers to measure alcohol content. Before being arrested and handed over to the son Prasachun investigators for trial.

The latest development is today (April 19) Superintendent of Prachachun Police Station, Colonel Sanya Uponwiratna, after the incident with the traffic police unit at the checkpoint. The accused was arrested at Prachachuen Police Station on April 18 at 5:00 am. The accused was intoxicated. They should sit and be quiet until the back-and-forth chatter stops the alcohol intoxication. can speak

The accused confessed to all the charges. Therefore, the charge was converted into evidence. Disobeying a traffic officer's order to test a driver for drunken driving. As of 8:00 a.m. the total was 1,000 baht, and investigators at Prasachun Police Station have taken the suspect into custody and sent him to the North Bangkok District Court. “He was sentenced to 2 months in jail, a fine of 4,000 baht, a 2-year suspended sentence, and a 6-month suspension of his driving license with 12 hours of community service for driving under the influence of alcohol or otherwise.

Attorney General's Office Spokesman Mr. Prayuth Betkun This was revealed on 18th April. The State Attorney of the Special Prosecutor's Office has filed charges against Mr. Panich Prompt for District Court Case 1, Driving While Intoxicated. or disobeying and disobeying the orders of other narcotics and traffic authorities. Ordered a test to determine whether the driver was driving under the influence or drunk orally to the North Bangkok District Court Salom Prakiat Government Center Building Sengawattana Road Defendant admitted all charges.

The court considered and found that he committed the offense as charged and he was sentenced to 4 months in prison and fined 8,000 baht, but if he pleads guilty, he is sentenced to 2 months in prison and fined 4,000 baht to 1 year probation and his driving license is suspended for 6 months.

There is a statement. Deputy Minister's son Mr. Son of Shanti Brambhat, Deputy Minister of Public Health. Initially Mr. Shanti says he still doesn't know what happened

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