The Kirin 9010 chip, the new flagship chip in the Huawei Pura70 Ultra, reveals benchmark results with a slightly stronger Hyperthread than the previous model ::

Huawei just launched the Pura70 series of smartphones last night and Huawei did not reveal the chipset used as usual. But online sleuths on Weibo discovered that the top-of-the-line Pura70 Ultra uses the new Kirin 9010 chipset, and today a benchmark score for the chip appeared on Geekbench with a single-core and multi-core score of 1,442 points. Basic 4471 points

However, when compared to the benchmark scores of the previous generation chip, the Kirin 9000s, which had a single-core score of 1330 and a multi-core score of 4123, the performance of the Kirin 9010 was found to be only slightly better.

The Kirin 9010 chipset is an 8-core chipset, but contains 12 Hyperthread cores, with the following processing cores:

  • Main core: 1 Taishan Big 2.30GHz (2 Hyperthread)
  • Secondary core Taishan Mid 2.18 GHz, 3 cores (6 Hyperthread)
  • Four energy-efficient Cortex-A510 cores clocked at 1.55 GHz

The GPU is Maleoon 910 GPU clocked at 750MHz.

Hyperthread is a technology for creating virtual processing cores. This allows one processing core to operate on more than one thread, as the Kirin 9000s chipset also contains this technology.

As for the detailed specifications of the Huawei Pura70 Ultra phone and other Pura70 models, you can follow and view them on:

source: Huawei Central

Date: 4/19/2024

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