Micky Panithan, a kind-faced doctor, hopes to successfully follow in James Jirayo's footsteps: PPTVHD36

Rising star Mikey Panithan Botkayo wins the hearts of drama fans as Dr. Chatclaw, hoping to be successful in the footsteps of the great James Jiraio.

It became really powerful during the last Songkran. For the rising star “Mickey – Panithan Botkayo” Who plays the role of Major Dr. M. L. Chatklao Gotathip, the son of “James Jirayu Tangrisuk” and “Bella Rani Kambin” has won the hearts of fans. Excellent for nature After the first drama in my life, “Kwanruethai” appeared on the screen.

With the popularity of “Mickey”, many people hope that he will follow in the footsteps of the elders. “James-Jirayu Tangsrisuk” who has the title “Thunderbolt Superstar” or not?

Because they are very similar, “like father like son”, as well as the trend that fans follow. It's constantly growing, with the popularity of my first ever work.

Mikey also opened up “I didn't think many viewers would like the character of Chatklao so much. I was very focused and preparing myself and reading novels. They both went to watch the drama Suphap Suphat Juthathep. Let's take a look at how to talk about P'James Ji who is Phutthiphat. Trying to make a character Chatklao Really enjoying Chatklao life, thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged. Thank you for all your comments. I will use it to develop myself further.”

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