Chathurat district is still monitoring the flood situation…

Chathurat district is still monitoring the flood situation. However, the water flow has reduced in many places

Chathurat District President Mr. Ted Sanogam said On October 9, 2023, 6.7 mm of rain fell in the square district. Pueng Lahan water level was 78.98 million cubic meters from 25 million cubic meters, a decrease of 315.90% capacity. 10 cm since yesterday, water level 10-30 cm, small and big vehicles still passable. As for Pan Noi Get Samba, Village No. 8, Nong Pua Yai Sub-District. Water entered the village and flooded the roads. 20-30 cm, the water level has increased since yesterday. Small and large cars can travel.

Regarding the water level of Pan Putami, the water level is 7.90 m. Since the water flow has increased by 10 cm since yesterday, the roads in village No.1, Village No.3, Village No.7 and Village No.13 are flooded.

Pan Tha Sala, Village No. 6, Lahan Sub-District The water level has decreased by about 5 cm. There is a water level of 5-10 cm. Now small and big vehicles can go. The Incident Command Center in Chattura district has directed the local administration to provide emergency assistance. Alert the public to monitor the situation and closely follow the messages of the Meteorological Department and prepare to render assistance 24 hours a day.

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Correspondent: Sarath Wonkerndee

Music Director: Suntaree Tubmanoch

Source: NBT Chaiyaphum

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