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Every week let’s meet selected cool apps and games from the App Store for you to download and use. What interesting apps are available this week? Let’s take a look at it.

WePlay opens online Join the game and meet new friends together.

It rains all month like this. It gives us no opportunity to go out and explore anywhere. I would like to invite you to visit WePlay and play with new friends!

WePlay is a new social app that has various activities inside it. There are many things we play with friends, like the “take the microphone and sing” game. Which allows us to sing songs in alternating sentences with our friends, a “drawing and guessing game” where each friend takes turns drawing different pictures. And let’s guess what exactly the picture is. Including the chat room, either by sending messages or speaking in our voices. Each room has a different theme, such as talking about games, Korean idols, going to a room where a DJ plays popular songs for us to enjoy, etc.

This rainy season, you can fully interact with new friends in the WePlay app. Download the app. we are playing It’s free to play with friends. Available today on iPhone and iPad, it’s now also 40% off when you sign up for monthly and annual VIP memberships.

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Ruona hey! Let’s train for a marathon!

Marathons have become a popular race all over the world. Because in order for us to get into this industry it takes determination, practice and patience. So, if your dream before the end of the year is to cross the finish line of a marathon anywhere, an app like Runna is ready to become your new partner in every training session.

The Runna app is designed by marathon runners. For both new and experienced runners. Once you log in the app will want to get to know you better. Recommending the most appropriate information and running plan, such as asking about your marathon goal. You can choose whether you are a beginner who wants to reach the goal of his first 5k in two months or an intermediate level person. For those who dream of crossing the finish line in the half marathon (21 km), as well as complete training plans for those who dream of becoming an Ironman. The app also gives you the flexibility to choose the days you want to run. On which days of the week do you do stretching exercises? To be consistent with your work schedule as well.

For starters, you’ll get an 8-week plan called NTR (New Running Plan), and the app will clearly show how much distance you have to run each day. Within how much time? Before entering the field, do not forget to sync your Runna app with the Health app and Apple Watch first, every time you finish training. You can also write down your feelings for later reference. Moreover, it is also a social space for runners from all over the world. In the community menu, you will find runners from all over the world sharing their results with their friends. Get to know each other and ask for encouragement, and in the support list, there are also many academic running-related articles for us to study, such as tips for running every marathon distance for the first time. Physical stretching exercises, etc.

This application is free to use. But if you want to have a coach who will give you personal advice. You can apply for a monthly or annual membership. Annually there will be a 52% discount, only 3990 baht left annually, download the app. Ruona: Running training plans It’s free on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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Journey into the mysterious heart of the city in Hidden Objects: Coastal Hill.

Please keep your eyes peeled! There’s more to this game than just finding hidden objects, as the residents of Coastal Hill need your help to solve the mystery behind this coastal town. Because only solving puzzles can ward off the evil forces of fairies and witches. Including customizing your avatar to look stylish. But the main goal is still to find hidden objects. Ready to race against time to find all kinds of items according to your ever-changing itinerary. In the big picture, it’s not easy at all. But one tip I can share is that it helps to zoom out from time to time. It’s incredible that items tend to appear when we change our perspective. I listen.

Hidden Objects: Coastal Hill Start playing for free on your iPhone and iPad.

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Immerse yourself in the lush rainforest atmosphere in Flutter: Starlight.

The poor moths are always distracted by diurnal butterflies with amazing patterns. But that’s no longer the case in Flutter: Starlight, this atmospheric game that celebrates the magic of the humble moth. Exploring the rainforest at night is a truly magical experience that requires us to change our perspective on moths. These butterflies are charming with their bright color combinations and unusual patterns. You will observe, feed and interact with the moth community under the moonlight. Along gradually expand the forest habitat as well.

To progress faster in the game, try using Glowbuck, a special coin that speeds up the process of collecting butterflies and hatching eggs throughout the rainforest. Fill your Glowbuck stash by logging in every day. Participate in in-game events and unlock new types of moths to enjoy

Flutter: starlight Start playing for free on your iPhone and iPad.


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