260 killed in Hamas attacks on a music festival. The woman was raped.

Israeli Khan TV station The report, which is based on interviews with volunteers and rescue teams, said that more than 260 bodies were found at a music festival near the city of Reem. Which was attacked by the armed Hamas movement on Saturday (October 7).

Those who attended the music festival survived revealed to this TV station that everyone ran for their lives when they realized someone was firing a gun at the event.

In addition, a clip was posted of attendees running for their lives. Some left in a hurry. Some fled across the desert. Some of them were running on the ground.

However, not only many people have been killed by such attacks. There are still many women who have been sexually assaulted.

Hamas launched attacks on several areas in Israel on Saturday morning (October 7), launching rockets from the Gaza Strip. This is an area where Palestinians live densely. It is claimed that up to 5,000 rockets were fired, some of which reportedly landed as far away as Tel Aviv, Israel. The site is 70 kilometers away.

Not only that, Israel said that members of the armed Hamas movement killed and kidnapped Israelis living near Gaza.

This prompted Israel to launch a military operation in response to the attack.

The death toll in both Israel and Palestine as of Monday afternoon (October 9) reached more than 1,100 people.

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