Wait a little while, “Super Bon” reveals good news, the injury is almost gone. Ready to return to the World Championship – ONE Championship – the home of martial arts

Super Bon’s latest update on his fitness condition is back to almost 100%. Emphasizing a clear goal: challenging for the world championship belt, whether it is Muay Thai or kickboxing.

“Superbon Singmawin” the former Featherweight Kickboxing King (145-155 lbs), 33 years old from Fatalung, came out to clearly show his determination. I want to come back and show my skills in the ring again. Now, the pain in his right calf is almost 100 percent gone with many combat sports fans waiting to see him compete with “Tawanchai PK. Saenchai,” the Muay Thai featherweight world champion.

Super Bon Singmawen

Most recently, “Super Bon” came to watch the competition at ONE Lumpini 36 on October 6. He came to give an interview on stage, stressing once again that he was sorry to cancel the fight with Tawan Chai due to force majeure, no one wants that to happen.

“I am very sad that the fight that was probably the most important in my life (against Taonchai) was cancelled, but training accidents happen all the time in sports. But now my injury is almost healed and is 95-100 percent. I hope I will have the opportunity to return to fighting soon.

As for the goal from now on, “Super Bon” still aims to chase and win the world championship belt. Whether it is in the rules of Muay Thai or kickboxing, because it is the ultimate dream that every athlete wants to achieve.

“Ask me if I still want to meet Taonchai? In fact, I want to fight for the world championship in my Muay Thai base. And in kickboxing it doesn’t matter who is the champion until then. I want to win the world championship. The goal of every athlete is to win the belt. No matter what “No matter who the person on the throne is, I’m ready to fight everyone.”

What ‘Superbon’ announced was consistent with a previous interview with ‘Tawanchai’ who also admitted that he was disappointed the fight didn’t happen. But after completing his mission to defeat replacement boxer Joe Natawot at ONE Fight Night 15: Thanh vs. Illya on October 7th. He was looking forward to reuniting with him. “Super Bon” as quickly as possible too

“From the time the match took place until now, the talk about the match between me and Superbone has not ended yet. It is considered a fight that many boxing fans have been waiting to see. I believe that both of us will definitely have a chance to fight. It may happen during this year as well.”

Five questions chatri siteodtong on one piece 3
Boss Chatri hints that the Tawanchai vs. Superbon fight will definitely happen.

Meanwhile, Big Boss “Chatri Sityodthong”, the founder, president and CEO of ONE himself, also confirmed this through a live broadcast on his fan page. One Championship Thailand The pair between them is sure to have a “Super Bon” meeting with “Sunshine” happen during this year. Because I myself am very much looking forward to seeing it too.

I have to release a news report that Super Bon has an injury and can’t fight. But he assured that we will arrange a meeting with him and it is 100 percent certain that the sun will shine during this year. “I really want to watch this duo fight.”

OFN11 Superbon Singha Mawynn vs Tayfun Ozcan85
“Super Bon” is expected to return today stronger than before.

As for “Superbon,” he debuted as a ONE athlete in 2020 before making a name for himself by defeating “Giorgio Petrosian,” a kickboxing legend from Italy, and clinching the ONE World Kickboxing Championship. He succeeded in controlling it, but in defending his title for the second time, he lost by knockout to his competitor, “Chingiz Alazov” from Belarus. He had to fall from the throne unfortunately on January 14th.

However, in the final fight, ONE Fight Night 11: Regian vs. Dimitri, on June 9, the former kickboxing king succeeded in regaining the trust of the Thai fans. By chasing and shooting down Tayfun Oskan, one of the top Turkish fighters. He even had the opportunity to cross the line to challenge for the Muay Thai throne from “Tawanchai” before he was eventually forced to withdraw, unfortunately. But I believe that the “Dream Battle” that everyone has been waiting for will definitely happen soon.

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