Bueng Kan visited the families of 588 workers in Israel, and there were no injuries or deaths.

At 9:00 am on October 17, the Deputy Governor of Phueng Khanh Province, Mr. Jumbot Vannachatsiri Acting Governor of Pyung Khan Province called an emergency meeting of the concerned agencies. The unrest in Israel is causing many deaths and injuries, along with measures to help care for workers in Phueng Khan province. Promote provincial employment community and human security with provincial employees Provincial crows Sheriffs of each district, etc. Appoint labor support teams and monitor unrest situation in Israel. The provincial governor is the chairman.

Willing to travel to the area to visit the families of workers in Phuong Khanh province. Mr. Subhat Rerchan, Age 39, House No. 150, Village No. 5, Ban Tha In Blang, Kok Kong Sub-District, Mueang Phueng Khan District. It is provided by the Department of Employment for agricultural workers. He traveled to Israel on June 10, 2021 and registered to go home through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ready to talk, meet and inspire. Ask about life and provide survival tools Consumer goods and another blankets to relieve suffering in the early stages of life and provide morale. and express concern Give your family morale and encouragement. To reduce tension and this is to give peace of mind to the relatives of Pyung Khan workers. I also brought officials from the mental health department of Phueng Khan Hospital in Israel to come out and provide counseling on mental health and mental health to the families of the Thai workers.

For information on laborers in Bueng Kan province, there are 576 men, 13 women, 518 farm laborers, 53 farm laborers, 3 general farmers, 2 cooks, 1 welder, 1 welding supervisor, 1 pipe fitter, 1 agricultural laborer working in Israel for a total of 588 people. . Refinery, 1 person, initially no workers suffered injuries or deaths, according to the deputy governor of Bueng Kan Province Bueng Kan and related government agencies. Ready to provide assistance in every aspect as fully and promptly as possible. For the peace of mind of the family and the people of Phueng Khanh province.

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