‘Joe 5 Yards’ posted two angry posts against the Thai National Team in their draw with Estonia – a challenging to find FIFA page admin.

On 18 October 2023, after the match between the Thai national team following a 1-1 draw with Estonia on the FIFA Football Day in October, the second match, in this match Estonia first took the lead through Henry Anyer in the 71st minute, then Thailand equalized through Chakvan Praisuan in the 76th minute. .

After the match, Sarayut Chakhamdi immediately posted two posts for the Thai national team saying

We fought very well. I would like to compliment Manu.
Because we were lucky that our opponent played in the first half after 3…
#KeepFighting and waiting to encourage the kids as always.

#Our football players
#High value but low quality!!
Let’s follow the true story of the beautiful world.
#Let’s accept the truth.

However, the Football Association posted a message of thanks to fans on the Thai Football Association Facebook page, saying:

The Football Association of Thailand would like to thank the Thai Men’s National Football Team. The team of coaches and all team officials who tried and showed their determination to act with dignity on behalf of the Thai national team in the warm-up football competition according to the FIFA Day calendar with Georgia and Estonia.

The association welcomes all comments. From all the wannabe football fans and we will do our best to constantly raise the bar and develop the Thai national football team to be better.

“Jo 5 Yards” also challenged the comment, saying: “Seriously, who is the moderator? Please send me a personal message.”

The way back for the army of “war elephants” is that there is no direct flight from Estonia to Doha. Therefore, traveling by plane will be the same upon arrival: Estonia-Latvia-Doha. It will take a long time to complete each level. Because you have to sit and wait for a connecting flight for several hours. Most importantly, no airline or alliance is the same. Therefore, every time you change aircraft, you will have to check in new baggage. So it will take a boat trip from Estonia to Finland. To board the flight from Finland to Doha it is the way that takes the least amount of time. Before traveling to Thailand he will arrive on October 19 at 1:00 pm.

In the next match, the Thai national team will meet the Chinese national team in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Asian region, second round, first match, third group, on November 16 at Rajamangala Stadium.

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