Boxing Results: ONE Lumpini “Antar” defeats “Raffy” “Kong Thao Than” comes out strong and wins 4 fights in a row.

After the bell rang, Kong Thaew walked into the match with determination. Using his dominant left weapon, he continued the attack, and in the second round, the left-handed boxer from Makham Wan was still able to fire his weapon, which could have been sharper, but “Taiki” was still able to hold on and survive. . Entering the final round, Kong Thao Thanh gathered all his strength to find a way to do it without rest. In the end, the match ended with the favorite Thai boxer winning by unanimous decision. Ready to successfully increase his winning record to 5 out of 6 fights.

Boxing Results: ONE Lumpini

4 athletes in good condition get rewards to take home

From the battle that was filled with immeasurable excitement, Big Boss “Chatri Sityodthong” opened his bag to distribute special prize money to 4 athletes whose performances caught the eye, totaling 1.4 million baht (one million four hundred thousand baht) including

1. Elise Kasim (reward 350,000 baht)

2. Please Chor.Hapayak (reward 350,000 baht)

3. Lamnamkong PS, Muay Thai (350,000 baht reward)

4. Rethid S Somay (reward 350,000 baht)

Boxing Results: ONE Lumpini

Summary of results of every match in ONE Lumpini 37

In the main match, Antar Kassim won unanimously over Rafi Bohic (Muay Thai, bantamweight 135-145 lbs).

Secondary pair: Rethidt S Somay won by knockout over Theptaksen Sor Sorensing at 1:59 of round 2 (Muay Thai, catchweight 132 lbs).

Lamnamkhong BS.Muay Thai won by knockout Samoi Noi T.Phusuwan at 2:30 of round 1 (Muay Thai, flyweight 125-135 lbs).

Phetsirichai Detphetseethong won a non-unanimous decision over Songfangkhong FA.Group (muay thai, catchweight 133 lbs).

Kaoklai Chor.Hapayak won by knockout over Panmongkol Sor.Mongkolkarnchang at 1:29 of round 2 (Muay Thai, catch weight 124 lbs).

Military Major, Premier A Thassala won by non-unanimous decision over Mahahin Pilot Spion (Muay Thai, catchweight 118 lbs)

Kongthoren Sor Sumay won by unanimous decision over Taiki Naito (Muay Thai, flyweight 125-135 lbs).

Salamjon Ortikov won by TKO over Viet Hua Hin Jitmuangnon at 0:50 of round 3 (Muay Thai, catch weight 128 lbs).

Elise Kasem won by knockout over Chai Soo Toy Byte Ryu at 2:43 of round 2 (Muay Thai, catchweight 130 lbs).

Maurice Boullian won by submission over Kantoukto Patacholon at 2:23 of round 1 (MMA flyweight 125-135 lbs).

Carlo Pomenang won by split decision over Denis Andreev (MMA Bantamweight 135 – 145 lbs).

Komronbek Ortikov wins by unanimous decision over Percival Oumou Ambe (MMA Catchweight 130 lbs).

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