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Another beautiful mother who already has one child but is still very interested in “Ice Apitsada”, we can see that she takes her child to live with her husband’s family abroad. Post pictures to make her miss you. And travel to Thailand for work. Upon completion, return immediately. It could be said that she was very popular and had the utmost courage to fight until she said so herself. Working for the community

The first baby is cute and adorable. Enjoy a warm family even without revealing your husband. But we are very happy and love each other. As for the second heir, Sao Ace revealed this on the Threat Talk program

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“The second person wants to have another child. Yes, seriously, at first I made plans with him (the husband). He wouldn’t let me have just one child. At first, Ace wanted a boy. He told the other person okay, I’ll get him for you. But now we’re happy “So much for this baby. There’s someone else. How can we love him? But right now, I feel like I’m in love with Leah, and I want to hold her. It’s just about his weight. If you’re pregnant, you won’t be able to hold him. I want to play with him to the fullest. “It’s Not known yet. If we had a younger brother, would he understand? Let’s wait and see.”

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But now my husband says don’t leave it too long, it will be lazy. At first the energy was very strong, and after about a year there would be someone else. But now I’ve run out of energy and fallen in love with Leah.”

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