Hamas releases the two hostages after Qatari mediation in the negotiations: PPTVHD36

Hamas released Nathalie Ranan (17 years old) and her mother, Judith Ranan (59 years old), who were being held hostage on October 7.

At midnight last night (October 20) local time. There is a report with photos that a mother and daughter from Chicago were captured during the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, and are being held hostage in the Gaza Strip. He was released after Qatar mediated negotiations with the armed group.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said that Natalie Ranan (17 years old) and her mother Judith Ranan (59 years old) were extradited through the Rafah border crossing to Egypt. He was transferred to an Israeli military base to be reunited with his family.

A senior US official resigns over arms shipments sent by the Biden administration to Israel

Israel indicates its readiness for a ground invasion of Gaza to completely eliminate Hamas.

The United States prevents an Israeli missile attack from Yemen, and military bases in Iraq and Syria have been attacked.

Mother and daughter Ranan are American and Israeli citizens living in Chicago, United States, at the time of the attack. Judith and Natalie live in the farming community of Nahal Oz, less than two kilometers from Gaza. Judith and Natalie traveled to Israel for the holiday season and to celebrate a relative’s 85th birthday

Uri, Natalie’s father, told the media that and spoke to his daughter on the phone: “She’s doing great. She’s doing great. I’m crying and I feel good.”

In the photo, the man in the middle is Gal Hirsch, the Israeli ambassador who was in charge of the hostage rescue. He was wearing what appeared to be a bulletproof vest. He is flanked by two Israeli Defense Forces members.

Hamas spokesman Abu Ubaida said: The hostages were released through Qatari negotiations. “For humanitarian reasons. To prove to the Americans and the world that the claims of President Joe Biden and his fascist administration are false. They have no basis in truth.”

Biden said: He was very happy that they would be reunited with their families soon. He pledged to continue efforts to release more hostages. “As I told the hostage families when I spoke with them last week, we will not stop until we return their loved ones to their homeland.”

Qatar also said it will continue negotiations with Israel and Hamas in the hope of releasing all hostages. “The ultimate goal is to alleviate the current crisis and restore peace.”

The International Committee of the Red Cross also participated in the release process. Demand the release of all hostages and offer to facilitate their release in the future.

The US Embassy in Israel also published pictures of mother and daughter Ranan speaking on the phone with President Joe Biden, confirming that they are fine.

After the release, relatives of Ranan’s family said that Natalie was a teenager obsessed with fashion and had just graduated from high school before coming to Israel. In a few days it will be her eighteenth birthday.

It has been confirmed that 13 Americans are among the 203 hostages that Israel says are being held hostage by Hamas. Currently, there are still 11 people believed to still be held hostage. It was not immediately clear why Ranan’s mother and daughter were chosen to be the first hostages to be released. This cannot be confirmed. After that, will the hostages be released gradually?

Besides the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Argentina, Germany, France and Portugal say their citizens are being held hostage in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas earlier said more than 20 hostages were killed in the air strikes. But it did not provide additional details or information.

The release of the hostages comes amid fears that Israel is scheduled to launch a ground attack on the Gaza Strip. It is feared that Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu will prioritize the destruction of Hamas over the release of the hostages.

However, reports have recently emerged that US and European governments have put pressure on Israel to delay its ground assault on Gaza. To buy time for the ongoing negotiations to release hostages held by Hamas. One source stated that Israel initially agreed under pressure from the United States. – Suspension of major military operations

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Image from AFP/Government of Israel

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