BoA shows off her skills in writing lyrics, melodies and arrangements in the new single 정말, 없니? (Emptiness)

BoA (BoA) showcases her skills in writing lyrics, melodies, and arrangements in the new single, “정말, 없니? (Emptiness),” which expresses the painful feelings of farewell.

BoA (BoA) returns with a new single “정말, 없니? (Emptiness)” (Emptyness) 1 year and 4 months after the release of the third mini album “Forgive Me” in November 2022. In this latest single, BoA (BoA) co-wrote The words, melody and arrangement are their own. Take fans to experience a different feeling and a more complete musical identity.

Previously, BoA (BoA) carried out various promotional activities. Whether it's casting actors, hosts, judges on test shows, project unit getting beat, etc., as well as proving your mettle as a producer once again. Serving as a producer for NCT's latest team, NCT WISH (NCT WISH), which debuted in South Korea and Japan simultaneously.

The single “정말, 없니? (Empty)” is an African pop song. The lyrics talk about the journey of healing yourself from pain. Prepare to convey your farewell message in a calm but decisive manner. Amidst love and betrayal, BoA also plays the lead role in the music video. To convey various emotions, from emptiness to sadness, the background is a space filled with memories and traces of former spouses. The main dance of this song is inspired by wiping away tears.

The songs written by BoA received good response, such as the first song she composed herself, “Only One”, which is the title track of her seventh full-length album, and all the songs of her eighth full-length album, “Kiss My Lips”, the song in which the lyrics and melody were shared in writing “Forgive Me.” It is the lead single from the third mini album etc.

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