Big deal! Daily News launches a symposium on sustainability entitled “Working for Change: Do It Now!”

On March 31, reporters reported that on April 1, 2024, the Daily News and Daily News Online were edited under the leadership of Ms. Prabin Rujirawong, Mr. Paramit Hitrakul, and Ms. Siriwan Panprichaket. Executive Director of the Daily News and Daily News Online and Mr. Nat Rogerawong, Secretary of the Executive Board of the Daily News and Daily News Online, open the floor for the symposium “Sustainable Daily Talk 2024” under the theme: Action for Change: Do it now! For Change Inviting the sustainability policy sector and business organizations to come and join the exchange. Share experiences that actually happened.

For the purpose of organizing this event for participants to gain insights along with guiding principles for business, including students and the general public that can be applied practically in business or in life, create results using resources to maximize benefit and reduce environmental impacts as much as possible. It is a change for us and for the world to pass on our heritage. This world to children and grandchildren in a sustainable way. Supporting the effects of the global crisis is no longer far from us. This is not just a trend in business. But it is important that all industries take this responsibility seriously. Because it has become a rule of global trade that all organizations that trade with each other must follow because today environmental problems are a big issue that are starting to escalate. Global warming has become a global crisis. It affects lives and livelihoods in many dimensions.

Within the event, there will be a special lecture on the topic: Working for Change: The Big Problem: How do we change Thailand to be sustainable? By General Patcherawat Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment It is an important agency in formulating and implementing important policies to take care of the environment in Thailand. Then, experiences were shared from leaders in leading business organisations, namely Dr Kongkrapan Intarajang, CEO and President of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited or GC, on the topic of business and sustainable development, and Ms Hashim. Khatia Inthawichai, CEO Kasikorn Bank Topic: Financial Innovation for Sustainability

There is also Mr. Sarawat Yoovidhya, CEO. TCP Business Group, Topic: Sustainable Beverages, Mr. Atip Tantirawong, CEO, Innopower, Topic: Changing Business through Innovation for Sustainability and Mr. Phakavon Leuvirat, Executive Vice President, TPI Polene Power PCL Topic: Green Energy for Sustainability Hosted by Ms. Chutima Phungsuk You can watch directly. Through the Facebook channel DAILYNEWS ONLINE and the YouTube channel DAILYNEWS Daily News Online

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