The police arrested “Jai Una” who had ordered the murder of her own husband by “Komad” and sent him to jail on bail.

sumphone – The police issued an arrest warrant for “Jai Un” who was hired to kill her own husband “Komat” who owned a cockfighting arena. After the trial, he was remanded in custody before being jailed. Opposition to Bail

Today (March 31, 2024) at 3:30 pm, at the Nassau Provincial Police Station, Police Colonel Thongchai Nuicharon, Deputy Police Chief of Sumbon Province, Pol. Colonel. Chakra Savakon, Superintendent. Superintendent of Police Nassaq ordered Police Lt. Col. Nofanant Chulokri Nofanat. , Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nassak Police Station, Police Department Lt. Col. Pornthep Sathapornnuong, Inspector of Police, Nassak Police Station. Long Xuan Provincial Court No. with the investigation committee. Bring an Arrest Warrant from 69/67, Mrs Vanpen or “Jay Uan” Thanyaphongpanich, aged 64, House No. 84, Village No. 5, Khao Khai Sub-District, Sawi District, Sumbon Province, who ordered the kidnapping and murder of Mr. Kanop Chomwang, age 56, own husband

On a charge of committing a felony: “A person who causes another person to commit a felony by coercing, threatening, or employing or inducing another person to commit the felony of conspiracy to kill another person. With premeditation.” Taking or possessing for the benefit of a person committing another crime, concealing another crime and avoiding it in order to get away with a criminal offence. Destruction of a dead body or parts of a dead body in order to conceal the death or cause of death together to conceal his commission.

“Get together to persuade others to do anything, do anything, or submit to anything. Fearing any danger to the body, liberty, reputation, or property of the person who has been sexually assaulted or of others, conspires to control others, or acts in any way to deprive others of the liberty of the body. Let others do what he does to others.”

At that time, Mr. Somran Somwang, age 72, took “Komat” and the cousin's brother, Ms Wanben or “Jae Uan” Thanyapongpanich, age 64, on a return trip to Ban Pang. Along with a white four-door Isuzu pick-up truck, registration no. กล 3302 arrived at Chumbon, Nassak Police Station where the elder brother of “Komad” Mr. Samran told reporters that he and “Jae Yuan” were from Long Chuan. District. But he didn't say what he was going to do. He only said that he was preparing for his brother's funeral.

Later, the arrest warrant was read out before Jai Oon, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nashak Police Station, Lt. Col. Nobruj Sukri. Before being taken to meet Superintendent of Nassaq Police Station Colonel Chakra Savakon for further questioning. At the trial level, he was prepared to say that bail was not granted after the trial and that he was detained in Long Xuan Provincial Court.

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