Ban Muang – Central Pattana Establishment of a new brand “Central Park” with an investment value of 20,000 million baht.

Tuesday 10 October 2023 at 7.45 am

Central Patana Construction of a new brand “Central Park” with an investment value of 20,000 million baht.

Central Pattana Public Company Limited The number one leading company in the field of real estateThailand for Sustainability under a vision that envisions a better future for all and business developers including central shopping malls, residential projects and office buildings. And hotels all over the country Announcing the launch of a new brand “Central Park” investment value is 20,000 million baht to develop two important components: shopping malls and office buildings. Create a new luxury experience within a high-quality mixed-use Dusit Central Park project value including 4 components totaling 46,000 million baht Ready to elevate Bangkok into a world-class city

Miss Wanya Chirativat presidentCEO of Central Pattana Public Company Limited said: “Central Pattana as the developer of the mixed-use project “Dusit Central Park” in collaboration with Dusit Thani Group. We are very proud of this.Object command The best experience comes to the best location. Historic landAnd the locationThe image of downtown combined with the combination of excellenceThe difference is “Heritage meets luxury” Combining the expertise of the two companiesLegends come to develop the Mix project.Deluxe level user, “Hospitality meets retail” Being Thai on the world stage, whether in hospitality or being number one in retail and developers “Vibrant connectivity meets green serenity” The only mixed-use project in existenceLocated in a location that connects to everythingTraveling with Swan Lu’s funMapini has all four components within this mixed use project each containing one exclusive component and can be fully combined to enhance each other.Absolutely our experience and expertiseAn expert in every element.”

“Central Patana is committed to promotionPioneering the new retail landscape with our all-time expertise42 years of synergy within the groupCentral that created allStores and shopping centers areFor the first time in the country, it has also expanded its business, developing more than 200 projects in 18 countries around the world, in both Europe and Asia. This time development Shopping Center Central Park will create a New Horizon phenomenon for living in Bangkok. “Just like big cities like Central Park in the heart of New York or Hyde Park in the heart of London,” Ms. Wallia said.

Dusit Central Park under the “Here for Bangkok” concept will be different and moreMixed-use public projects with 4 strengths: 1) Here with proven experience: The group’s world-class retail experienceCentral Central Patana and Dusit Thani Group; 2) Here to realize your maximum potential: Super Core CBD is located in the heart of Bangkok, which is the financial district and Rich neighborhood. 3) Here for an unprecedented experience: Create a curated experience This has never happened before; And 4) Here for a rich quality of life: With a large green area of ​​7 rai to improve people’s quality of life.person

Central Patana Management TeamSecond led Mr. Chanawat Owattanasakul Head of development and Commercial Officer with Dr. Natthakit Tangboonsinthana Chief Marketing Officer and Mr. Issaris Chirativat Head of Fashion Management and Luxury Partners broke down the detailsThe project image is as follows:

1) Here with proven experience: With the success of the central groupIn developing and managing projects for leading retailers in Europe and Asia, making the global ecosystem a reality. And central Patana in the buildingLandmarks everywhere

By brand new Central ParkCentral Patana The total investment value of 20,000 million baht will consist of two important components: a shopping center and an office building.

· Shopping Center Central Park, with an area (GBA – total building area) of 130,000 square meters, is ready to be opened for service during the third quarter/2025: mix up The curated experience fuses with Park Life to create a new concept of new luxury.Never before has he chosen the best things togetherThailand’s leading brands and brandsIt is world-class and will also bring the essence of indigenous heritage that has a unique identityIts beauty is reflected in the architecture and interior design as well.

· Administartive building Central Park offices on an area (GBA – gross building area) of 130,000 square meters, preparing to open in the second quarter of 2025: The best and most convenient prestigious Class A office in the basement.Bangkok, which will be a global professional hub for world-class companies, responds to the trend of social and flexible workplaces and strives for LEED Gold and WELL certification, while keeping the environment and well-being in mind. In addition, it will also offer a private terrace with views of Lumphini ParkA rooftop bar offers a 360-degree view of Bangkok.

2) Here for maximum potential: It is a luxury mixed-use project.The only station that has a main interchange station where the two main lines of BTS and MRT intersect, so it has accessibility. Enter the project smoothly.In addition, the target group is unique in terms of high purchasing power and lifestyle. Thus creating the Central Park brand in the retail section next to Urban Park is the first integrated upscale lifestyle center noIt was located in Silom area before.

· Creating a wealthy neighborhood: The center of the financial and commercial district includes many companies.Leading companies in the country and the worldUltra-luxury residential units with more than 17,000 units, luxury hotels with more than 6,500 keys, first-class office towers with a gross leasable area of ​​1.5 million square metres, and 47 embassies and consulates including leading universities, schools and hospitals. nation

· Potential customers: By targeting trafficThe project has a population of about 25 million people per year and there will be regular, high-quality traffic from people living their lives.Within the project, including ultra-luxury residences, hotels, and offices as well.

· International tourists: Aiming to attract 10 million tourists annually to Central Park, it has experience in creating global appeal and organizing world-class events, including experiences of various international brands, and has also done so successfully.He arrived at Central World

3) Here for an unprecedented experience: With premium featuresThe company is working on another mixed-use project, “Hospitality Meets Retail,” in addition to creating an integrated service platform that links retail services and offerings to every part of the project.

· Space to explore life: Create over 55,000 square meters of curated experience space for every lifestyle.University by choosing culture, arts and new global trends for Thailand, including cooperation. Collaborations with international brands and emerging Thai and international designers, including areas that will support active urban lifestyles, etc.

· Passionate culinary culture: Create a dining destination of over 25,000 square meters that caters to every target group, from Street Food and Grab & Go that will connect and cater to a large number of passengers to experiential dining that will choose the dining experiences that suit themIt will attract both Thais and tourists.Travel too

4) Here for an enriching quality of life: With the project being highlighted Roof top park size 7 ray Which provides green spaceGreat size and good quality of lifeFor city dwellers, multi-purpose use needs are met through the space Runway For people to come together, play music, or give a little show, Jogging track, treadmill and track In the garden of the heartIn the city center and A space for gathering and feasting from day to night Respond to people’s lifestyles and mindsets to be the hub of a mindfulness community for people who care about well-being, have an active lifestyle, and are open to

Also get ready to create world-class events such as The music and art in the park, world-class celebrations and events reflect the new movement Be civil and answer questionsPeople’s needs

In developing Central Park, Central Pattana used its expertise.Expert in project development including creating experiencesA global and marketing program that creates success for everyoneProjects are being launched everywhere, be it in the #1 Big Data industry with over 20 million people nationwide. Throughout Bangkok, the wealth sector covers more than 750,000 people, which will be of great benefit.He invested a huge amount with tenants and planned extensive marketing, creating and pulling more than 1000 events globally and internationally.nation

Dusit Central Park project It is a multi-use project.Around the world in cooperation with Dusit Thani Public Company Limited and Central Patana Public Company Limited with a total investment valueMixed-use project, its four components total 46,000 million baht, total area 440,000 square meters on 23 rai of land, corner of Silom Road – Rama 4, consisting of: the hotel Dusit Thani Bangkok 39 floors, 257 rooms, ready to open mid-2024; Central Park office building Area (GBA) 130,000 square meters ready to open in the second quarter of 2025; Shopping Center central Park Area (GBA) 130,000 square meters ready to open in Q3 2025; And residences with an area of ​​50,500 square meters. Divided into Dusit Residences and Dusit Parkside, in preparation to begin gradually handing over rooms to customers.Customers at the end of 2025

CENTRAL PATANA LIMITED (general) Driving into the future underThe brand’s goal is to envision a better future for everyone by creating and developing a space forRaising people’s quality of lifePeople and communities, including the environmentGrowth along with progressLeading the economy and leadershipIn thailand

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