Attack again on “National Park”, deploying ALRO across Huai-Kao. The same place is still confused, throwing in “NCTC” to point out.

The Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment along with “Chaiwat” led a team of concerned officials to inspect the conditions of the issue area. The new ALRO found 2 ALRO stakes standing across the Lam Thakong River across the creek at Ban Kut Klaw, Moo Si sub-district, and 3 stakes on the hill. The National Parks Department issued a statement confirming that the Khao Yai boundary line is consistent with the facts of the area – according to a map attached to the royal decree. Clear overlapping areas on the map day. Eventually, only one private resort remained. It's not about plot. ALRO, problem maker As for the border points, it doesn't match the military map. The National Land Policy Committee will take the final decision. Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Land Survey Department ran away from the problem. “ALRO Khao Yai” mandates the National Park Service to resolve disputes and protect the forest itself.

“Chaiwat” went full force and bit and didn't let go. The forest area in Khao Yai National Park is facing problems due to encroachment of tens of thousands of rai and is taking to ALRO on March 1st at 9:45 am to present the title documents. Shivatham, Chief Inspector, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Mr. Chaiwat with Limlikit Aksorn National Park Office Director National Park Department Conservation Area Management Office no. 1 (Prachinpuri), Director of National Parks Department, Forest Resource Management Office no. 8 (Nakhon Ratchasima), State Forest Department and officials visited the area to inspect the plot. ALRO issued title deeds for 2 plots suspected to be illegally allotted. ALRO proceeded to install a new marker in the 29 rai area for which the documents were issued before traveling to the site. ALRO is adjacent to the title deed area. Mr. Sivabab and his team briefed the media. Whether the area is suitable for agriculture or not, at the Khao Yai Phong National Park Tourism Service Center in Pak Chong District. A photo was shown on the TV screen saying that this is a rich man's land in Pak Chong district. It is a total of 8 ALRO lands, totaling more than 80 rai.

After visiting the area, Mr Saiwat said in an interview that the ALRO inspected the land at Pan Kut Kla, village no. 5, located in Khao Wang Hin area, Mu Chi sub-district, Pak Chong district, where the title deed was issued and suspected to have been issued illegally. As it is outside the ALRO area, the owner has connection with the plot. A deed of ownership for ALRO 29 Rai was found in a disputed area in Khao Yai National Park. A pillar of SBK2 was found across a 100-meter stream across the Lam Thakong River in Ban Kut Kla area of ​​Moo Si Sub-District. , from the side of the mountain with a steep slope. The permanent forest on the other side was on hill 3. On actual inspection of the area, there were slopes with 2 pegs on the left of the river and 3 pegs on the right and both across the river. The rest are looking for more. Officials from the National Park and Forest Department confirmed that ALRO could not design it, but awaited clarification on ALRO documents.

Mr. Saiwat said ALRO has not provided any information documents due to the past coming to the area. So the National Park Service had to find its own resources. The studied area is forested and has a steep slope. It cannot be taken outside ALRO. Needles found are considered forensic. Shows possession of land in the forest indicates dislike of thorn. Found on both sides, it is assumed that both sides are prepared to issue documents of possession. Indicates the pin layout. There is a number of evidence to be gathered, and there will be expansion. There were those who called him to clarify. That will all end this Saturday after telling each other. All areas revert to the National Park Service. And finish in the overlay area without any problems. Send it all back. Hope it's compensation for the quitter. Each plot of ALRO should be a 7 digit number/line. Let's see if that is correct.

After meeting a group of Khao Yai conservationists led by Mrs. Panchana Watthanasathyan, President of the Khao Yai Tourism Association, Mr. Chaiwat also gave an interview. In front of the Khao Yai checkpoint, he wanted to see dishonesty in the performance of duties by some civil servants from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. In particular, ALRO will allow the community to clearly see which forms ALRO is working on, with a map starting from the point where the Royal Thai Land Survey Department confirms that the area is. Because I suspect it's only in the area. ALRO is a classified area. But the place to see the status of the area is outside the area where ALRO can provide documents.

Later in the afternoon the whole group went to Ban Nong Kruya Kot, Village no. 8, traveled to Phang Asok Forest Park, Dong Phaya Yen Forest, where ALRO went to set up markers in the reserved forest area. Evidence of that and encroachment to construct the road was also found. A peg was placed at the base of a tree to dig a well in the hill. There is a large house building. In the preliminary investigation, it is also a construction contractor.

Meanwhile, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has issued a statement in this regard Preparation of map showing the boundary of a National Park Summary of Object: Designation of an area as a National Park by virtue of the National Parks Act 2019 or the National Parks Act 1962 (earlier) is enacted as a Royal Decree and annexed to the Royal Decree. There was a map showing the boundary lines. The Khao Yai National Park Royal Decree was published in the Royal Gazette on 18 July. In September 1962, the boundary lines were reported as per the map annexed to the National Parks Department Royal Decree. Royal Thai Survey Department topographic map, scale 1:50,000. Align national park boundaries in a digital format (format files) for use in a numerical system (digital map) and activities. Solving the problem of encroachment and destruction of forest resources, land dispute issues and overlapping of different areas to create such boundaries which conform to the map annexed to the Royal Decree and are consistent with the realities of the area.

December 26, 2022 Subcommittee Meeting No. The report also stated that the meeting decided to approve the decisions on updating the integrated state land boundary map of 1: 4000 by 2/2022. (a map) Group 3, 11 provinces, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram, Prachinburi, Maha Sarakham, Roi Et, Chaiyaphum, Sa Kaeo, Surin, Ubon Ratchathani, Phetchabun, and Loei proposed by the National Park Service, but the Office of the National Land Policy Committee (NCTC ) ) There were complaints about The Khao Yai National Park area overlapping with private land. (This is the case of Phu Phop Fah Company Limited, not related to the ALRO conversion case.) On February 28, 2023, the Cabinet passed the 3rd resolution approving the results of the map improvement process (a map). The case of Khao Yai National Park According to the Nakhon Ratchasima and Prachinburi Provinces Commission's Office, there are problems with the boundaries of Khao Yai National Park in Ban Hiew Pla Kong, Moo Si Sub-district, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, where the ALRO document was issued does not coincide with the boundary lines of the Royal Thai Land Survey Department. . Sub-Committee on Development of State Land Boundary Map (A Map) Office of the National Land Policy Committee to consider criteria for consideration of a map to arrive at a conclusion and to be correct according to facts.

On the other hand, on the same day, Defense Minister Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng noted that he would call a meeting of the committee to update the consolidated state land boundary map, scale 1: 4000 (a map) on March 1. It is a regular meeting to be presented to a drawing board after the staff have finished their work, and if the board agrees, it will be presented to the cabinet meeting. Issues were raised in the meeting. Alro Khao Yai should consider upgrading the system or any inaccuracy to find the best solution.

When asked about the problem Khao Yai ALRO has not been completed yet, how will it be brought to the cabinet? Because the National Park Service doesn't accept it. And that the relevant agencies will be prosecuted, Mr. Sudin said we have to see if we don't finish because we don't listen to reason or if our day mapping is flawed. If it is our system, we will check it and again the committee will confirm whether we have followed academic principles and complete system or not. If it is perfected and the other party does not accept it, then there is no problem here. The Royal Thai Survey Department is willing to ensure that it is a neutral institution, fearing no influence or advantage. The military means fear to the powerful and who will the people trust?

Mr. When asked about Saivam's case Limlikit Aksorn National Park Office Director National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department said the matter will be taken to court. ALRO Khao Yai Issue Should Delay Enter Cabinet Or Not? Mr. Sudin said we can continue in parallel. But during the process, you have to respect the court. There are agencies other than the military to ensure that the map day team. It is considered an organization to be trusted to be honest. There are already checks and balances. It is not an absolute right for the military planning officer or the army to act unilaterally. Some other organizations are also involved. When asked if there was any politics or fear of losing face, whether or not to get involved? Mr. Sudhin said it is not known whether this area is relevant or not. But it is over with the system. All parties have to accept the system. As for the fear of losing face or not, we're not quite there yet. Everyone on each side is protecting their own interests. They look different because they have different maps. It has always been a big problem.

Reporters said that in a meeting held on March 1, Royal Thai Land Survey Department Mr. Sudin recommended consideration of the land issue. Alro Khao Yai will be handed over to the National Parks Department. To solve the problem of having different maps that lead to conflict and to protect the forest.

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