The British brand consultancy ranked Thailand 40th in soft power in the world, with a total value of 18.1 million baht.

A British brand consultancy estimates that Thailand is among the world's top 40 soft power players. One place better than the previous year, by 44.8 points, with a total value of 18.1 trillion, while the United States took first place.

Al Khabar News Agency ( indicates that Brand Finance, a British company that provides independent consulting on global brand value, has offices in more than 20 countries around the world. A soft power index has been created for different countries. It was found that Thailand ranked 40th in 2024 compared to 2023 where Thailand ranked 41st. Thailand received 44.8 points with a soft power value of 505.4 billion US dollars. (18,120,676,360,000 baht)

Relative to other countries in Southeast Asia or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Singapore was found to rank highest in the region. With soft power rating 22. Malaysia is 35th, Indonesia is 45th, Philippines is 52nd, Vietnam is 53rd, Brunei is 107th, Cambodia is 112th, Laos is 134th, Myanmar is 136th and East Timor is 175th.

As for the ranking of other countries at the global level, it turns out that the United States is the country in the ranking. 1 in the world for soft power With a score of 78.8, Kiribati has the lowest soft power rating in the world. It ranked 193rd with only 21.9 points.

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