Genshin Impact 4.5 “Clothing Blade” version updated on March 13.

HoYoverse announces the launch of Genshin Impact v4.5 “The Edge of the Clothes Cutting Sword” which invites players to return to Mondstadt in the “Potion to Make You Rich” event. A new character Chiori, the genius designer of Inazuma, and a new “Recommended Upgrades” system will be updated on March 13.

In new season highlights such as “Potions to Get Rich,” travelers can accept the invitation of the Knights of Favonius and help Lisa open an alchemical potion shop to promote local businesses. Players must participate in every production. This includes growing herbs, making potions, and selling potions to customers. When income increases players can expand their business. By purchasing business equipment and beautiful potion bottles. Increased workspace and potions that can be sold to welcome the arrival of familiar friends. In return, players will be able to redeem several rewards including the limited 4-star spear weapon “Dialogues of the Desert Sages”, and there will also be a cat breeding game. “Adventure in Meow Fortress” and “Crossfire” cannon firing mode will provide entertainment while also taking a break from the action.

Chiori, the genius designer from Inazuma and owner of Chioriya Boutique in Fontaine, is set to join as a 5-star Stone Elemental Sword user. She reveals additional information about herself to the travelers. In battle, Chiuri can summon robotic mechanical dolls. Her “Tamoto” comes out to deal damage based on her defensive and offensive power. If there is a “Stone Elemental Object” nearby, an additional Tamoto will be summoned when the move is triggered. Chiori's Ultimate: Her twin swords deal massive rock damage with a quick, decisive slash. In exploration, if any team member is wearing a non-default outfit or glider, Chiori can grant an additional 10 movement speed.% to her team members. Additionally, when talking about her working life, her most recent legendary endeavors tell of the challenges and opportunities that Shiori faced during Fontaine Fashion Week.

Chiuri and the mechanical doll Tamoto
In the Prayer Event, Chiori and Arataki Itto will appear in the first half of version 4.5, while in the second half they will meet Neuvillette and Kaedehara Kazuha. Group Prayer will be available for the first time during version 4.5. This includes Albedo, Eula, Mona, Klee, Diluc, and Jean, as well as over 10 5-star weapons like Wolf's Gravestone, Hunter's Path, and more in the same prayer. Players can select the path of their 5-star character or weapon, and it is guaranteed that if the 5-star character or weapon received is not the chosen target, the second 5-star item received will be the character or weapon. 5-star weapon.

To provide an adventurous experience and make the battle smoother especially for early game players. The latest release brings new improvements to the Paimon menu. “Recommended upgrade” It may provide useful tips and advice for improving the characters of the player's party based on their levels, weapons, artifacts, and talents, for example, if the player checks the character's Weapons Manual. The Upgrade Guide function shows you how to level up your equipped weapon, and where to get upgrade materials. And weapons that other players tend to equip their chosen character, In addition, the character talent interface will display upgrade materials. So travelers can know immediately what items to pick up.

Genshin Impact version 4.5 will launch on March 13, and can be downloaded now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and on iOS and Android mobile devices. For more information, please visit: And fan page Genshin Impact

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