AMITYLIGHT wins first tournament, Birdy BLACK THE MATCH, very cool.

The end of the Birdy BLACK THE MATCH tournament, a 7-man football program, a fierce football match, the Thailand championship round. Compete for a total prize money of more than 300,000 baht, have fun and fight against the AMITYLIGHT team. Football players from Lat Phrao region declared the possibility of winning the championship by defeating the Dream Chaser team from Nakhon Pathom province, 3-0, winning the prize money of 100,000 baht and the trophy. The honor of conquest

BIRDY BLACK THE MATCH, a seven-player football match, a fierce football match from Birdy, the number one ready-to-drink packaged coffee brand in the hearts of Thai consumers for over 30 years, produced and distributed by Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is ready to give opportunities to young people and the general public can Football enthusiasts can experience the exciting football competition and compete for prizes worth a total of 300,000 baht by competing in the qualifying round. To find representatives from Ratchaburi Province and Nakhon Pathom Province, 8 teams per stadium, with a total prize money of 120,000 baht per stadium, so that a total of 16 teams will qualify to compete in the finals on 5 November 2023. At the Thunderdome Football Park, Muang Thong Thani, the event also saw booths And activities from Birdie Black Less Sugar, Strong Smell, Really Intense, Delicious, Must Try, Black Coffee, Less Sugar, 35 Calories, distributed to the athletes and football fans who came to watch the competition. Time as well.

The results of the round of 16 for teams were as follows:

  • ZESTY lost to Natee Moosing FC 1-3.
  • Amfon Farm lost to Al-Awda 0-2.
  • Nong Center
  • Cowboy lost to Dream Chaser 0-2.
  • Hua Ru City lost to Amity Light 0-5.
  • Harem Club beat Sankwan SK 4-2
  • Nongjames
  • Kakhama

As for the competition in the round of 8 teams, each team gave everything it had and did not give up easily. The match opened without rest until penalty kicks. To find a team that qualifies for the next round. The results of the competition were as follows:

  • Natee Moosing FC lost on penalties to Comeback by a score of 4-5 (at the time 1-1).
  • Nong Center
  • Amity Light defeated Harem FC 4-2
  • Nongjames

As for the semi-final competition, in keeping with the slogan of the football match, the intense match, because both teams exchanged shots throughout the match. But they still couldn’t eat and had to resort to penalty kicks to find the winner to play in the finals. The results of the competition are as follows:

  • The comeback lost on penalties to Dream Chaser 4-5 on aggregate (3-3 at the time).
  • AMITYLIGHT won on penalties over NONGJAMES

Reaching the finals was a meeting between two teams from the qualifying round in Nakhon Pathom province between AMITYLIGHT and Dream Chaser. In this pair in the qualifying round, AMITYLIGHT played in the Lat Phrao region. Most of the players are players from the southern region. They had previously defeated the bottom eight teams 7-1.

In this game we meet again through the Dream Chaser, football players traveling from Nakhon Pathom province. A portion of them also traveled to play in Ang Thong Province on the same day. There were only 8 players left, they could not resist the power of AMITYLIGHT and the competition was as expected, and AMITYLIGHT consolidated its victory again with a score of 3-0, to win the 7-man football championship, BIRDY BLACK THE MATCH, a football match. The dark man won the time The first.

While the third place match was decided by a penalty shootout to determine the winner, the comeback team seemed to shoot more accurately, defeating NONGJAMES X SC BUFFET 3-2.
After the match, Mr. Bembesa was there. Nontasawatsri, Byrdie Brand Marketing Supervisor, was honored to present the award. Along with Mr. Natapone Damrongrojwattana, columnist and influencer of Siam Sport Digital Media Company Limited joins in congratulating the champion team. And take pictures as souvenirs

The winning team, AMITYLIGHT, received a prize money of 100,000 baht and a trophy.
The runner-up was Team Dream Chaser, which received a prize money of 50,000 baht.
The Comeback team took third place, receiving a prize money of 30,000 baht.
Fourth place is NONGJAMES

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