New Delhi takes measures to restrict car use for one week in hopes of reducing air pollution.

The Indian capital has taken measures to limit car use for a week in a bid to control air pollution. After pollution levels continue to rise

Foreign news agencies reported that Mr. Gopal Rai, Minister of Environment, Local Government in New Delhi. Capital of India The government announced on Monday, November 6, 2023, that it will implement restrictions on car use for one week between November 13 and 20 to control air pollution levels.

This measure will allow cars with individual license plate numbers you can get out and run on odd days. While cars with even number plates will be able to go out and operate on the same day.

The latest step taken by New Delhi authorities comes after settling its air quality levels. Serious danger for the third day in a row on Monday. Which prompted the local government to extend the closure of primary schools until November 10.

In addition, Mr Rai also warned that air pollution may rise after Diwali, India’s festival of lights. It will be held on November 12, although fireworks are banned this year.

New Delhi, India is ranked at the top of the cities that record the highest levels of pollution in the world every year before the onset of winter in November due to calm winds and low temperatures, which causes pollution from various sources to stop in place.

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