Netizens, hey! Who exactly is this girl next to Art Passot? After many moments of photos together|

You can call it that. Now for the young actor. “Art Passot” Who is monitored for heart issues after taking a picture with Nav Chattanan granddaughter “Pat Napa” It came out making a lot of people wonder whether or not something was going on. But Art confirmed that there was none. And the owner himself already has someone to talk to.

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Because of this, netizens went out looking for the girl whom Art had given the status of the person they were talking to. When netizens searched until they found a beautiful woman, fans followed Art’s live life when selling crispy pork. This young woman can always be seen in the frame helping Art cut crispy pork for sale.

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Some pages say the young woman in question is a friend of the young man, Art. The couple has been together for 6 years, but they have not revealed it to the media, and when you look at the woman’s Instagram account, you will see that there are photos with Art in many moments and moments as well. So it made netizens watch. Will this hot and beautiful young woman be the person Young Art once met? You will have to wait to hear the answer from the person’s mouth, which should be the most certain.

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