America receives a long-range tactical missile ATACMS, which will not help Ukraine, confirming Putin’s words that “it does not change the rules of the game.”

Washington acknowledges that long-range tactical ATACMS missiles may not be effective in destroying Russian aircraft. This is consistent with what Putin said one day. This missile will not change the rules of the game on the battlefield. Instead, it will prolong Ukraine’s suffering.

RT news site reported this Russian official US officials Many have questioned the effectiveness of the long-range ATACMS missile that President Joe Biden tentatively agreed to provide to Ukraine recently, saying the missile may not make a significant difference in the conflict with Russian forces.

Biden approves delivery The Army’s Tactical Missile System, or ATACMS, was delivered to Ukraine in September. It was subsequently suspended due to concerns that it might exacerbate conflict situations. By giving Kiev the ability to attack deep into Russian territory.

But Tuesday’s issue of the New York Times (November 7) quoted an unnamed Biden aide as saying: Washington has now turned to fear that ATACMS will not be able to make a visible difference. This is because Russia has learned how to stop its aircraft outside the range of this weapon.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine The United States has been pressing for months for the delivery of the ATACMS system, saying the missile is vital for striking deep into Russian territory. He also claims to have used ATACMS for the first time on October 17. In attacking Russian airports located in the occupied territories in southern and eastern Ukraine. Which proves its effectiveness

The report states that the missiles that America sent to Ukraine were the version with a strike radius of about 160 kilometers, and not the version with a longer strike radius of 305 kilometers.

The Russian side claims this, and two ATACMS missiles were intercepted late last month in Ukraine, targeting Russian airports.

President Vladimir Putin mocks Russia’s ATACMS system because it only prolongs the suffering in Ukraine. But this does not change the rules of the game on the battlefield, and it is clear that Russia is certainly capable of preventing the missile.

The New York Times also reported that Biden faces restrictions in exploiting the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and between Israel and Hamas.

US officials increased the pressure and after last week, General Valery Saluzhny, the Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, admitted that he did not expect Kiev to make significant progress on the battlefield. Many Biden aides agree that the Ukraine war has reached a stalemate, but there are concerns that Saluzny’s outspoken comments will complicate efforts to persuade Republicans in Congress to vote for a larger budget to support the war in Ukraine.

Biden administration officials are also concerned that such comments could prompt Putin to decide to stay put and wait for America to withdraw its support for Ukraine if Donald Trump or another candidate wins the US presidential election at the end of next year.

(Source: RT, New York Times)

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