amazing! With so much heart in the universe, Anne is ready. Her party look, her eye-catching embroidered dress, everything is on point! |

Well, it’s very impressive. Thailand was really stunned when I saw #Antonia wearing this outfit at the MU concert. Oh, my God! This theme is very beautiful and has really touched the hearts of Thai people. 10 10 10 Not broken. The person who sent the package. The package was sent to the person who can’t handle it.

Interesting news

Then I learned that it was the brand Maxy Lala x Unix, little Maxy Lala (This person is very talented. Have you ever interned with a famous brand in France? The future will definitely be great.) The closer I looked, wow, the embroidery details were so dense, Eye-catching, and highly detailed. I saw the gold pattern. This is pure embroidery work, it is very impressive.

I’ve been watching this for so long, it really feels like a craft. Very worthy of being a celebratory event. A really expensive event. applause. #Miss Universe Thailand 2023 #Miss Universe

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