Revealing the details of the beautiful and elegant evening dress of “Antonia”, Miss Universe 2023, by all standards: PPTVHD36

The beautiful girl from Thailand, Antonia Bosio, attended the Miss Universe 2023 ceremony with a stunning look. The most exquisitely designed blue evening dress.

Antonia’s cosmic aura is so beautiful that even her beauty queen fans praise her. She has been named for the Miss Universe 2023 crown

Revealing the appearance of 86 beautiful women competing for Miss Universe 2023. A new bridge for transgender women – marriage – childbearing. Enter the contest to win the crown

Climbing the level of excitement, popularity and eye-catching beauty every day! for “Antonia Bosio.” Miss Universe Thailand 2023, representing the most beautiful women in Thailand, is competing for the crown. Miss Universe 2023 In El Salvador, the judging round will take place on November 19 at 7:00 AM onwards Thai time. We hope you win the third way back to your hometown.

Since entering the competition on November 3, Antonia from Thailand has clearly shone. She receives the attention of foreign media and beauty queen fans every time she appears.

Miss Universe 2023 Schedule: Cheer for Antonia Bosio to win the crown. Excited! 3 Big Rounds’ Prelims – National Costume…

Recently, she showed off her beauty in an evening dress at a party. Every face and hair is perfect. This made Anne receive more attention. As for the evening dress that Antonia chose to wear today, designer Maxilala revealed all the details:

“A masterpiece evening dress in royal blue. Decorated with gold beads and rhinestones. “Specially created for”AntoniaMiss Universe Thailand 2023 welcomes Miss Universe and the gala dinner with unparalleled elegance inspired by traditional Thai clothing. It combines classic elements with modern touches perfectly.

In the jewelry section, Antonia revealed attractive earrings, which are special designs from Thailand, the Sarranofficial brand. A Rogervivier bag and Jimmychoo shoes, everything, when mixed and matched, makes Anne look great. Sprinkle the pearl of the universe

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