Alas for America, fleeing from Biden to Trump!

US Presidential Election Battle Americans will arrive at the end of this year in a state of flight from “Biden” and “Trump”, whoever they choose, they will face nothing but problems because “Joe Biden” is old and no longer able to run the country, while “Trump” is not. Young people as well. In addition, there are many criminal cases. Amidst the chaotic global geopolitical situation

On the list Talk about everything with Sondhi or Sondhi TalkOn Friday, July 5, Mr. Sondhi Limthongkul, founder of The Manager newspaper, spoke about the US presidential election. It will be held on November 5, 2024. On June 27, 2024, the first round of debate was held between Mr. Joe Biden and Mr. Donald Trump, representatives of two major political parties. The people who called for it were the Democratic Party to which Mr. Biden belongs. But it turned out that such a debate revealed the weakness and aging of Mr. Biden, a democratic representative as never before.

Mr. Biden, apart from his hoarse voice, still suffers from symptoms of stuttering. There were long silences. This did not include multiple answers to questions that clearly missed the mark. This has led American voters to worry that Mr. Biden may not be physically strong enough to be the number one leader in the United States for the next four years, as some Democrats have begun to suggest. Should Democrats find another candidate to represent the party in the presidential election?

Mr. Biden is now 81 years old, the oldest president in history, but if he is re-elected, he will remain in office until he is 85.

Mr. Biden's current physical condition clearly indicates that his health is no longer fit to be the supreme commander of the world's No. 1 superpower that makes stories. And they tried to ignite war in every region of the world

As a result of the debate, which took place on Friday, June 28, 2024, the editorial team of The New York Times, which had previously endorsed Mr. Biden, and in the last election in 2020, called on Mr. Biden to withdraw from representing the Democrats to give the party a chance to find a new representative who might be able to defeat Mr. Trump.

The headline of the New York Times op-ed was clearly attacking Mr. Biden: “To serve his country, President Biden must leave the race.” Or translate it into Thai What he should do for the country is for President Biden to withdraw from the presidential race.”

“Mr. Biden’s greatest contribution to the public can be made right now. That is, he has announced that he will not run for re-election.” Biden is making a risky bet, the New York Times editorial said, because Democrats have other leaders who are willing to offer a clearer, more interesting and more powerful alternative to Mr. Trump, who wants to serve a second term as president.

“There is no reason for Democrats to put the United States at risk of instability and stability by forcing voters to choose between Trump’s flaws and Mr. Biden’s shortcomings. It is too big a gamble to expect Americans to ignore or overlook Mr. Biden’s aging and ill health, which they clearly see. The New York Times reported

As for the opinion of the New York Times, although it is just the opinion of the editorial team of a media outlet, it is also a large media company with a global reputation. It is read by many politicians and decision-makers, including Mr. Biden himself. The important thing is the pile. The editor of the New York Times has always declared his support for Mr. Biden in the presidential race. Therefore, this comment caused a great shock in American politics.

Not only the New York Times but major media outlets in America including the European side It is unacceptable for Mr. Biden's condition. And came out to demand Mr. Biden to withdraw as well for example, the New Yorker, the Economist, the Chicago Tribune, the Atlanta Journal, etc.

But despite her complete defeat and after the debate, Mr. Biden and his family have stubbornly vowed to defeat Mr. Trump in the November election. And he has no intention of withdrawing.

“I know very well that I am not a young man. That much is clear already.” Mr. Biden said during a campaign rally in North Carolina.

He also said that although he did not walk as smoothly as he used to, he could not speak as fluently as he used to. The debate was not as good as it used to be, but I personally would not run again if I did not fully believe in my ability to be President of the United States. You can continue for another term.

It's not just Democrats or the media shaking their heads on the health issue. Mr. Biden's stubbornness is due to the latest CBS News/YouGov poll of American voters. After the discussion, it also became clear that

Question No. 1 Is Mr. Biden mentally healthy and will he be able to maintain his sanity to continue as president? Results show that 72% of Americans say that if they didn't have it, they wouldn't be able to afford it anymore.

Question 2 When comparing the mental health of Biden and Trump, it was found that nearly half, or 50 to 49, view Mr. Trump as a competitor to Mr. Biden. There are also mental health issues.

Question 3 When asked whether Mr. Biden should run for president?
The answer is that 72% of Americans believe that Mr. Biden should not run for president in the November election or in the next four months.

Question 4 When asked why Biden did not run for president, the main answer for 86% of people was age, and 71% said they were worried about making the wrong decision during his presidency.

Question 5 But when we ask Americans who feel this way in the debates, who speaks the “truth” more? Between 40% and 32% of Americans feel Biden speaks the truth more than Trump.

In conclusion, the American people now resemble the Thai expression: “Escape from the tiger and the crocodile” He is “Escape Biden vs Trump.” Wherever you turn, there is only woe. Because if you say Biden can’t get any older, he is already 81 years old, and Trump isn’t that old either. Because he is now 78 years old.

The important thing is that Trump still has dozens of criminal cases attached to him, even though the US Supreme Court has said that even if he is convicted, he can still run for president.

US Elections and the Chaotic Global Geopolitical Situation

Almost all countries in the world are watching the US presidential election. Coming soon at the end of this year, especially those who are at war and have conflicts. Whether it is Ukraine, the European Union, NATO, Israel, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, including Thailand, etc., because the change of leaders will definitely affect the possibility of war and conflict situations. For example, Trump said that if he wins a second term as president, he will end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours.

Another country that will cause the most headaches. Either Trump comes or he doesn’t come. Biden goes or he doesn’t go. That’s China because in the end no matter who becomes the leader of the United States. I will always try to find a problem with China.

In fact, many countries around the world, especially the big countries, and this is an interesting issue with the United States. They are trying to reduce the risks from “Political ambiguity in the United States” every one of them

Latest News When and at the end of June 2024, Iran and Russia cooperated. Gazprom Company It is the largest energy company in Russia. National Iranian Gas Company The National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) signed a cooperation agreement.

Russia and Iran monopolize up to 60% of the world's natural gas supplies, which means that Russia and Iran now control the direction and mechanisms of global gas prices.

So it's clear that if we go through each topic, whether it's about holding hands and expanding the group. BRICSstrengthen the relationshipShanghai Cooperation Organization Group (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) or Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which is currently holding a summit meeting in Astana. The capital of Kazakhstan is witnessing a process of devaluation of the petrodollar (petrodollar), reducing dependence on the US dollar (dedollarization), the gradual adjustment of international reserves from the dollar. to gold etc.

From reducing dependence on Western microchips, reducing dependence on fossil energy, increasing the production of electric cars and vehicles or electric vehicles.

“So the world is now quickly adapting to uncertainty. Whether it is Biden or Trump, there will be great uncertainty. Especially China, Russia, Iran, these BRICS countries are trying to keep each other together. Give everything to build resistance. Protect your group from the unruly behavior of the US president. Whether it is Biden or whether it is Trump.” Mr. Sondi said.

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