Carragher says England are defying football logic in a civilised way.

National teamEngland Show the model in battle Euro 2024 Pessimistic in the knockout round lagging behind competitors like Slovakia with Switzerland But they still got past those two nations and are now one of the final four teams in the tournament.

In the next round, “Roaring Lion” has a waiting list to meet. Holland Wednesday, July 10, which Jamie Carragher I compared England This group with Greece And Portugal Who won the European Championship in 2004 and 2016 respectively.

“When you think of the big teams that have won titles, France in 2000 or Spain in 2008 and 2012 still stand out in my mind,” he added.

“if England They will go all the way (to win the tournament), but they will not be able to join the ranks of these venerable teams. What we can compare to the tournament won by Greece in 2004 and Portugal in 2016, which went from less impressive results to improbable successes.

“Like Portugal 8 years ago, the topic of discussion was England Civil disobedience to football logic It is unusual for a strong country to continue to perform poorly in a major tournament. And reached the semi-finals.

“We can't make it look any better. They got to the semi-finals despite not playing well.

England “I was lucky when I met Slovakia and now with Switzerland. More than their style of play.”

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