HONOR Launches AI Defocus Eye and AI Deepfake Detection

HONOR announced its first innovations at MWC 2024 in Shanghai, China, unveiling two groundbreaking on-device AI innovations developed to enhance device privacy. At MWC Shanghai 2024, HONOR highlighted the theme of “Human-AI Synergy: Intelligent Devices.” “It will empower people better.” HONOR also showcased the latest developments in human-centric AI, AI eye protection (this feature is not a medical device and cannot be used for treatment) and AI deepfake detection during important sessions. The brand also emphasized its focus on human-centric AI in devices. The belief in the potential of AI-powered devices to empower users to provide personalized services. At the same time, it protects users’ privacy.

As for AI, it is an innovation that changes our lives and drives the smartphone industry forward, most industries focus on cloud-based AI, which is only one piece of the puzzle that AI running on smartphones is more stable than other devices. It has a unique advantage of providing the most convenient and satisfying service to users.

George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd. “At HONOR, we believe that smartphone AI has the potential to empower users and make them more efficient in everything they do. So we want to invite everyone in the smartphone industry to move forward together. Let’s join hands to make the most of the unprecedented potential of AI,” he said.

Developing eye protection technology from prevention to relief of eye diseases

HONOR launches AI Defocus Eye Protection, developed to protect the eyes and alleviate myopia. Currently, the number is increasing due to looking at screens for long periods of time. This feature uses AI technology to simulate how glasses work by adjusting the focus (Defocus) of the screen to simulate a blurry image on the device screen. Defocus glasses will cause a change in visual perception. This helps slow down the state of blurred vision. Which causes myopia in users.

Additionally, wearing Defocus glasses has been shown to be beneficial for eye health. This is because the glasses allow blurred images to be focused on the periphery of the user’s field of vision. To help the image focus clearly in the center, this change in vision will help slow down the elongation of the eyeball. HONOR’s AI Eye Protection technology has been shown to reduce temporary myopia in the average user by 13 degrees after continuous reading (on a mobile phone) for 25 minutes. It has also been shown that some users’ myopia can be temporarily reduced by up to 75 degrees.

Prevent getting scammed by scammers with AI Deepfake Detection.

As for the AI ​​Deepfake Detection technology, HONOR said it aims to prevent fraud and detect digitally modified content. The system works by analyzing the content created frame by frame, such as eye contact, lighting, and image clarity. And playing back the video to find flaws that the human eye cannot clearly see.

Additionally, AI Deepfake Detection is trained on a large database of videos and images related to online scams, allowing the AI ​​to identify, filter and compare fake videos within 3 seconds, and in cases where content is detected, Deepfake Detection is modified by the AI ​​and will immediately display a risk warning to users. For safety and to prevent users from contacting people who may be scammers.

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