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This is another couple that fans have been waiting and following for a long time.“Atay Klumkic” And “Nambit Isari” before “Atay Klumkic” I was asked to“Nambit Isari” They are indeed a couple who often have beautiful moments that often make netizens envious. Recently, the couple came together to open up and clarify issues related to their relationship because female content hopes to keep up with the trend, is that right? Through the list Hot talk show

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I just asked to be my friend a few days ago.? Atay: It’s Halloween. Asked why it should be Osaka. Because it is the first country to go together and I have said in different programs that at the moment we are not lovers yet. But one day we will be lovers. And since I’m going to ask him to be my boyfriend, it won’t be in Thailand. Must be foreign

Was it a surprise that day?? Namphet: Surprise. But in my heart I had already secretly thought about it. Since he’s on the show, he always says he’ll definitely ask his girlfriend to be outside, here, but I don’t know what day. That day he spoke to the camera. He said we talked for a long time today. Khun Namphet is my friend. We nodded in agreement, feeling both embarrassed and excited.

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I saw them almost break up. Because Nam Viet asked, We don’t understand each other like this. Do we still want to be lovers? Namphet: Yes, there are many stories about us traveling together. We feel that we may not be lovable to him. We asked him directly. We know each other like this already. Do you still want to be my friend? Do you still love each other? He replied that he is still fine.. He is fine. Atay: I think there are lovers. Habits that need to be modified never end. That says we’re still okay. Because we are people who are quick to filter our thoughts. I was angry for a moment. Let us go and be still for a while, and when we come back we will smile again as before.

Before that, there were almost no requests to be girlfriends. Because I believe in fortune tellers. The fortune teller said that this couple should be friends. Don’t introduce yourself as a lover. Otherwise should you quit smoking? Artay: We went together to film Black Witch at night. Showing cards with Acharn Uui said that this couple cannot be lovers. If your boyfriend breaks up we are very good friends, we accept it because he believes in Mo so much. At that point, I gave up. We feel it is not so. He’s someone who believes in Moss. But there is one consideration that makes me not give up. The team member came and told me that Atay, don’t be nervous. And because people’s horoscopes change every 3 months, we know we have a chance.

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People say we are together because of the content. Do you want to fix something?? Artay: It can’t solve anything. Because it comes from people who are looking at. It does not come from what we express. He may not be used to good looking people dating bad looking people. So you may think that this may not be true. It may be creating a trend. It may be the content.

Namphet: The other thing is that I love taking photos on TikTok. I always love taking pictures of him. If anything, I’ll be filming it when we weren’t dating at all. People might think I’m following the trend of the younger generation. She’s also a star. And I’m a drama queen.

Are there any comments that you feel are too strong?? Atay: If I don’t have much I clear it quickly. No clear reading. Everything is of no use to me at all. What I read briefly is that a fat man doesn’t want you. When the money runs out, you no longer have it.

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