Israel denies its involvement in the helicopter crash that killed the president of Iran

Israel denies its involvement in the helicopter crash that killed Iranian President Seyed Ibrahim Rahesi, also known as the “Butcher of Tehran,” stressing that “we did not do that.”

Israeli officials announced IsraelDo not participate in the accidentHelicopter crashWhich makes “Mr. Ibrahim Rahisi“President of the Islamic RepublicIran The “Butcher of Tehran” is dead.

The accident raised various speculations about the cause of the helicopter crash. This is what many theorists point out, and Israel was involved in the incident. Because Israel is currently at war in Gaza with armed groups.”agitation“With the support of the Tehran government this conflict became more violent. When Israel and Iran clashed with drones androcketLast April

Although Israel did not issue an official statement. But an Israeli official, who requested to remain anonymous, denied this allegation “Israel is involved in the incident,” he told Reuters. “We didn't do that.”

However, Iran has not yet released any further details about the incident. He did not provide an additional explanation. In addition to the reasonsclimateNot suitable

but, Iranian plane Especially models that come from the West. helicopter Bill 212 It is produced by the United States and is the vehicle of the Iranian president. It is clearly not safe and is in a dilapidated condition because Iran is subject to sanctions from Western countries. Do not allow access to necessary parts.

It is currently unknown when the helicopter was produced, however Bill 212 It has been used by governments around the world for more than 50 years, having been first used in the early 1970s.

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