5th Fleet Area Command Appoints Selection Committee Truck Obstruction Road Collapsing – Car Front Sticker: PPTVHD36

Section 5 mandates the appointment of a committee to inquire into the facts. Road collapses due to truck barricade – car sticker police negligent?

Deputy Commander of Metropolitan Police Bureau 5, Col Vitawat Singham as Acting Commander of Metropolitan Police Bureau 5 has ordered the appointment of a fact-finding team. On November 8, 2023, at around 10:45 a.m., a truck with registration number Nonthapuri 83-3281 entered the left 6th lane on Sukhumvidaya Road and met with an accident. When the driver arrived at the Sukhumvit 64/1 gate, there was an incident where a large manhole cover collapsed into two pieces and a sixth manhole cover fell over.

Who are you seeking compensation from? Taxi driver injured, car wrecked as road collapsed by lorry.

Check out the truck that caused the road collapse at Sukhumvit 64/1, it looks like it has a tribute sticker on it.

Consequently, the motorcycle with registration number 4Kor 2341 Bangkok and registration no. A taxi car bearing 3343 Bangkok flew off the road and both cars were damaged. And there were injured people due to which the traffic jam was severely affected.

Later it was reported that the lorry had met with an accident. A sticker is affixed to the front of the truck. Its star shape with letter B in green color has raised doubts among the public. As the news is coming out on various social media. Is this related to sticker tribute or not?

The incident took place on Sukhumvit road. Pak Khoi Sukhumvit 64/1, Bang Chak Sub-District, Phra Khanong District, Bangkok Province

Therefore, the police officers are liable for acts of neglect or neglect in the discharge of their duties so that the facts of the matter may come out. Not until causing this incident? And such action would constitute a breach of police discipline. Or how? So Metropolitan Police Division 5 appointed a team to investigate the matter. By the Fact-Checking Committee consisting of the following persons

1. Like. Colonel Fopthorn Zidman, Deputy Chief 5 of the Metropolitan Police, is Chairman of the Board.

2. Like. colonel Sandorn Sairaksa, Superintendent (Investigation), Investigation Team Metropolitan Police Division 5 is a team member.

3. Pol Lt Col Krutsana Sanprasert Deputy Superintendent (Investigation), Wat Praya Krai Police Station Metropolitan Police Division 5 Committee Member and Secretary.

A fact-finding committee will consider this. Must be completed promptly and then submit the fact-check report. Come to consider the next step.

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